NYC streetstyle vol.3 15-190916

Last part featuring beautiful people from the best place on Earth. For now. (meaning, I just have to go back and shoot me some more streetsyle).
Peace out.


halloween 2k16 | the witch of the woods |

Not entirely sure why I didn't post last Halloween pictures right after we took them, guess I got way too caught up with the school stuff and then I forgot.
Yet this year I celebrated my favorite day again, and it feels weird to miss a whole shoot inbetween, so let's say this is a double Halloween thing this year (no such thing as enough when it comes to that anyway).
So this is the costume and photoshoot from last year - first time I didn't exactly recreate some specific persona or a character, but instead went with what I felt like creating at the moment. Someone later told me it had a Scathach vibe from AHS and I like the idea actually. The Witch of the Woods.
Also, we actually made my mom drive us to an actual forest with an armchair and all that stuff.
Good times.
So enjoy and this year's Halloween is on it's way soon.
Happy treat or tricking and get your witch on tonight!


NYC streetstyle vol.2 11-140916

So it turns out all I had to do in order to find some spare time to post something here was to break my hand and get stuck at home, and I decided to dig out some last year NYC streetstyle. 
I can't believe it's been a whole year since I took those, and even though I really miss this place looking at all those beautiful crazy people makes it a bit better. 
Most of the pics here has been taken in Dumbo, Brooklyn during a weekend vintage fair where I had to be pretty strict for myself because otherwise I'd spent every dollar I had and most likely also a kidney. 
Good ol' days.
I thought typing with only my right hand would be a bit easier than it actually is. Damn.

pics by moi