big spender | budapest 060616

So this thing happened more than two months ago but I'm a human version of whatever comes to your head after saying the world "chaos" out loud, and also it feels nice to look at those pictures and wonder how many things happened since that time.
I just came back from the Mexico-Cuba-Cayman Island trip two days ago, shit was crazy m8, I feel like sleeping in for a next week because it was the high speed mode all over and SO many adventures that I basically like, can't even.
But the pics today are from Budapest, where I went for few days with my friend in June, and I have to say that usually I can tell if I'll like the place after a little while, but Budapest was a mistery from the beginning to the end. Differently from many others European capitals it's vibe wasn't only about the astonishing architecture and overall the breathtaking scenery blah blah; it felt like more than that, the city has it's ups and downs and actually the presence of some disadvantages made it more alive. I'm pretty sure I'll be going back there, and for now I still have some photos left to remind me of the Hungarian spirit (talking about Hungary; don't expect to get a word out of that language. Usually, when you're a European, speaking, let's say, your native language and English, plus maybe something more you can get the slightest idea what the hell is going on in almost any place in Europe. Well, that's not happening this time.
So, incidentally, I was pulling off the mexican aura in a bold red dress and gold hoop earrings (what's good, Fergie?), without knowing yet that I'll end up in the actual Mexico in less than two months from that day. What an amazing fucking rollercoaster. I love this so much.
Cheeeers yo
P.S. Yes, I a m wearing a festival wristband because I'm a music junkie and I do that sue me

I'm Bugs Bunny with carrots
let me get right to the point
I don’t pop my cork for every man I see
hey big spender
spend a little time with me


butterflies pt 2 | Beaufort, SC

So I actually feel like my holiday started just a week ago, along with getting a "You're fucking in" info from my university. Really, during last few month my life finals were a centre of my private solar system to the point in which I felt like diving straight into the black hole, and staying there for an eternity (I guess that's the main purpose of those, anyway). And now I basically have nothing to worry about, so life's great.
Also, it creates the best scenarios; I already had a weekend trip planned with a friend, so it just quickly turned into a little celebration journey, with eating sushi (god blesssss) and drinking ice cold beer on the beach. Sometimes I'm jealous of myself, sorry not sorry. I'm staying at home for few days right now, and nowadays by home I mean Beaufort, South Carolina, USofA, land of bald eagles and untamed freedom. After a month it really started to feel more like home than a place to stay at during holidays. But on Monday I guess I'm hitting the road again, because I simply wouldn't be myslef if I didn't use being in this part of the world to visit different places. I'm super excited and I also probably should take care of some less fun more "what currency do people use in a country I'm going to visit in few days" kind of stuff. Oh well. I always survive somehow, so I'll take that as a good sign.
Going away for more than 3 months obviously meant that I couldn't take my whole closet with my (I know, right? who would've thought?) but I found myself handling the situation pretty good; because of 1) excuse for shopping as I came in traveling lightly 2) you know when basically every beauty/fashion website and magazine screams in your face about accessorizing (btw, I spelled that right for the first time and I'm super proud rn). They do that because it's true. Works for me, anyway, and lets me embrace my christmas tree aesthetics on the go. Genius. 

pics by moi
i know he knows
that what he's teachin' is wrong


postcards from Beaufort, SC | vol 1

As I'm looking at the pictures I took since I came here, first few weeks are landscapes, geckos and alcohol. That does not surprise me, like, at all.
Also, I just discovered that since I got my camera in May, I was taking pictures in 16:9 dimension and it was quite a shock. On the other hand, I discovered how to go back to 3:2 one, so I call it a success either way.
I've been in US for a month now, but I swear to my non religous views, I have no clue how that happened. I feel like I arrived yesterday, after the journey of champions which consisted of visiting 5 airports in one day and not being able to sleep on my longest flight because I was too excited. And when I got a hold of my excitment ans started falling asleep, the plane crew started like, giving food to other people. You can't expect me to sleep while someone is like "what kind of sandwich do you want" because I simply want all of them sandwiches. 
So I spent the whole month after finishing my finals doing nothing super specific, I was just hanging out with people in places and it was really nice, finally having a chance to be lazy and all. But it also took me that month to get sick of it (maybe binge watching whole OITNB in like a week had something to do with that, idk, judge me) and now I want to do everything at once. Good thing is, more traveling is coming my way, so I won't have to worry about finding myself activities.
(tbh, since I wrote that some traveling already happened and I'm currently live blogging from Myrtle Beach #weekendgetaway #highlife)

P.S. I'm trying to pimp this thing a little bit, and I have to share my new favourite just discovered in blogger widget section, called Random Images of very Cute Babies. Like, who doesn't need that.