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The boys are back in town aka I'm trying to do stuff here instead of being lazy and binge watching Netflix (I had like, a bunch of exams recently and I think my body is trying to bounce back after a month of sleeping very few hours a day and existing on pizza and energy drinks. and coffee. and some other not exactly healthy stuff). 
So right now I'm trying to basically get my life back on track, and while sorting out thousands of pics I found this old thing (and I probably should get around all that quicker cause damn soon I'll be like "yeah those are from a year ago" and I do not necessarily want that to happen). 

University is fun, because basically it's like some mad scientist's experiment of putting a bunch of people officially labeled as "adults", but practically as far away from that term as it is humanly possible and trying to get them to figure out what they're supposed to do, and like, how not to spend all your money on wine (don't ask me tho).
 So we just float around trying to make the best out of it, with like, 15 minutes breakdown every half of an hour because how, for the love of jfc, am I supposed to write an exam if I've attented the lecture once this semester (and only because it was too cold to go outside and I wanted to sleep in the meantime)? 
But it also does get you some creativity skills, like "how to make a meal when you have an egg, peanut butter and one quarter of a bell pepper in your fridge; a poem by me". 
Anyways, it's cool in the survival mode kind of way.
Also I just signed up for so many extra classes that I just can't wait to complain about how much work I have to do. Oh, the possibilities. 

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can't pin me down | breslau, 050416

Turns out there's a really nice side to being an absolute fucking mess, and it's finding cool pictures from some time ago. Month wise to be honest. But hey, who doesn't love a throwback?
(I don't necessarily do all the time. Like, when it's Monday morning and I want to throw myself under the bus on the way to Uni, but then accidentaly stumble upon a picture of my hand holding a mojito on a beach in Cuba and I think that the bus might be too small for the job.) 
Usually it's not that harsh tho. What a rollercoaster of emotions I just went through. 
So the pics are from April, I had to check that, and I think it makes them really postponed, even on my terms. Which already are pretty casual.
(I swear I just heard all my school deadlines fucking yell somewhere in the back of my head).
Anyways, I like looking back at them, especially since they were taken in a botanical garden in a city that I left some time ago and I think it must be one of my favorite spots there. With all the greenhouses, succulents and sun dancing around it always feels so calm and relaxing, even though it's quite the city center (I kinda got stuck on a v. nostalgic feeling right now).
I almost forgot it's winter and all that cold shit outside.
Maybe I shouldn't write a 10 pages long rant about my hatred for the Satan's season right now, I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty of chances to do so within next few months.
For now, I'd rather pretend I'm chilling with all the cacti portrayed below. In a really cool purple blazer and my boss ass hat, that is bigger than my head.
I can actually put it on right now to make the moment even more relatable. But I'm not sure if it will fit my pajamas; got to check on that asap.

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postcards from Cuba - La Habana day I

I arrived in Havana straight from Mexico on the last day of July and was really looking forward to visiting this place, which was the main goal of my Carribean journey. 
The thing with Cuba is, you (can't be just me, right) expect it be a vintage experience, some old cars passing by sometimes and Buena Vista Social Club music casually soaking from every bar. But when you already get there, you might want to rearrange your expectations - and trust me, it is absolutely not a  bad thing. 
It's not like getting around with some old school vibe in certain moment. It's traveling in time. Literally. 

Speaking as a European citizen that at the time was living in the US, it doesn't resemble anything I've ever seen. You thought there was going to be a really cool '50s cadillac bouncing around the corner? Great. But 95% of cars would definitely not pass any safety test in most of the countries in the world. Hell, during my two weeks I found myslef in the vehicle with belts like, once. 
And I was in a car multiple times almost every day. 

So on my touchdown day of the Cuba journey I arrived in the capital city, La Habana, expecting to maybe stroll around a while and then go to sleep (especially considering my travel partner arrived one day before me on a transfer flight from Poland, so there goes the asshole called jetlag), but I was pleasantly surprised with a cadillac (yeah, you got me there, tourist time) PURPLE CADILLAC OK ride around the city. Apart from how different the island may seem from previous visions about it, it does feel like being in a movie 24/7. 
It's not the set you'd like live in, but it's good to play a starring role there for a while.

It's easier to get it if you speak Spanish. It's actually easier to breathe there if you speak Spanish. 
Really, it was not even the ace up my sleeve. It was survival 101.

Also, the food in Cuba which just striked my as "ohmygodthisistoomuch" on the first day turned out to be a different full chapter of the trip. But as this is only a small part of the diary from this travel, I'll get back to it; for now, the code word is green beans. Plus they have the best fruit. 
I'm blaming my mango addiction on them. No regrets though.

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