insta hipsta: holiday time!

Second part of instagram pics on my blog :) Instagram is everywhere, but it's awesome, so it is pretty obvious :) Enjoy <3
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Druga porcja instagramowych zdjęć na moim blogu :) Instagram jest wszędzie, ale jest świetny, więc to dość oczywiste :) Enjoy <3
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Kermit cupcake, so cute <3

A coffee a day keeps apathy away :)

Marshmallow&ice cream dessert ^^

Best ice cream ever, watermelon taste at Barton <3

Raspberries are essential of summer!

Seaside is not really cool without sandcastles ;)

Dar Pomorza, famous polish ship :)

What can I say... I see sea :D

Hair dyed with dry pastels, love the result!

But dry pastels + rainy day = I need to hide somewhere asap!!!

Best polishes for holidays? Mettalic ones. They always dry really fast and darker shades cover nail pretty good after one coat.

One of my favourite necklaces, but I always forget to do pics when I'm wearing it!

My favourite pefumes, they're great for every season <3

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  1. świetne zdjęcia ;)


  2. Really cool pics - they are so much fun! I love your hair and the first pic:D
    xx chris

  3. wow. the pictures looks so cute and nice :) your blog is very lovely and interesting


  4. these are cool pictures!!

    I follow you now!

    Could you follow me?

  5. OMG the cake is so cute! I want eat it!!

  6. Really like instagram! Lovely post!
    You have a great blog!


  7. These desserts look so delicious!

  8. It is a really cute post, amazing:)please check my blog and follow it if you like my style,kisses

  9. Watermelon ice cream flavour?! Oh you've got me drooling right now. And that kermit the frog is just too dang cute!

  10. This post ia amazing!

    maybe we can follow each other?


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