loose lips

These pics are something else than other ones on my blog, but that is what I like - changes, even for a little while. Today you can see another from my crazy sweaters family with metallic pleated skirt. But the cherry on the top (ok, it's not a fruit AT ALL) is my little rubber duck on my head! I created it by myself and woah,  how I love people's faces when they look at it! 
"God, are you wearing something weird AGAIN?" Well, I look weird like every single day, they should finally get used to it :P So enjoy the duckie world!

P.S. Weekend totally should has 3 days. I'm not even asking about more. 
How is your Sunday? I like mine, cause I'm going to some fashion event, yay! (but later I have to study chemistry, damn it). You know, harmony.
Love, B!

And there is a little extra: my friend draw it after the day when I was wearing a duck, isn't that awesome?

call me up before your dead, we can make some plans instead 


  1. absolutely adorable =) the sequins are gorgeous. Where'd you get the duck clip? so funny xoxo

    1. Thank you <3 I made this duck clip by myself, just bought a little rubber duck, painted the old clip which I found somewhere and sticked the duck :) I'm thinking about doing the crazy duck tutorial :D

  2. Lovely outfit, cool jumper!
    Sure, I'm following you now, your turn! :)

  3. diferent and cute photos :) i love it !

  4. I genuinely love the rubber duck! So fun and creative! ;)
    And so what if people stare, at least you know how to be individual:)


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    1. Honestly, I love when people stare at me! I'm like "What, you wish you got my awesomeness", hahaha <3
      Thank you :*

  5. hahaha pretty cute cherry on top! I love the unique combination of metallic & knitted wool <33

  6. Hello dear!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog!
    I love your sweater!!!!!! Sooo different from the ones I'm used to see in the blogosphere!! Where is it from??
    BTW, would you like to follow each other??

    1. Thank you <3 I bought this sweater in sh, I always forgot to mention brands and etc. in the post, haha :)
      And I'll pass by your blog soon, I'd love to follow each other <3

      Love, B

  7. The outfit is really cool with the color combination, the hairpin is really cool and the pictures are cool too! Love it! :D

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  8. Wonderful photos dear! :)
    Sure we can follow each other, I follow you with GFC! Follow me back!
    Kisses, Den.


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