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Last time I came to the conclusion, that my style is completly impossible to define. What I like is swinging from style to style, even if they are from totally different worlds; last time you saw me in something classic but futuristic, today I'm so grunge and, and next outfit post will be overflowing with pink, hearts and basically cuteness. 

And this is what I truly love about fashion: it gives me chances to become a new person everyday; it's kind of reincarnation, right? I fall asleep as a princess and I wake up as an anarchist. I'm creating something very unusual every single day, but this is still my style, which I don't want to determine. All I can say is: I'm weird, and the way I look is the same, but I'll avoid setting the name or kind of this. The only designation I can accept is "Bessana Blue's style". One of a kind, that's for sure.

So as I said, looks grunge, huh? Outfits and the pics too. To be honest, the pics were very spontaneous *timer, you did a pretty nice job". I took them after school in... a place... huh... platform near the river? Yeah. Using my bag and a sweater as a unstable tripod. I think they fit the looks atmosphere, haha :)
For that look I chose mostly khaki, brown and gold. I love my dragon earing so bad, and there are so many fingers in this look! I compiled them on the basis on contrast, try to figure it out :3 The piece which you totally should focus on for a while, is my ring from Gold Finger Barcelona. *read about it on the Project's page ^^* I was thinking about fired outfit to fit this, and you'll see that one in the future, but when I wore this ring, and I thought about that jewelry from Gold Finger Barcelona is like a story, so why won't I create my own? 

One day, far far away, there was a dragon, which couldn't breathe fire.
And that made him sad, cause, you know, dragon without fire is like a peanut butter without the jelly. Anywho, one day he wondered: from where people get fire? They obviously don't breathe it!
So he asked a good man, which was walking near his lair:
- Do you know, my dear, where can I found some sparks?
The man wasn't surprised (what was quite suspicious, I think) and answered:
- At the shop, you silly dragon!
The dragon valued his dignity, and he wasn't silly, so he ate that man - (dragon's way of solving problems, don't ask me). 
After the meal, he went to the kiosk, and bought some matches (and ate the vendor in the meantime, whatever), swallowed them and happily came back to his ear-shaped cave.

cool story, bro. tell it again.

glasses via Giant Vintage
So cool to take on a day, when you don't want people to ask "How are you?"

I'm the ghost in your machine, 
I'm your new life suicide blonde

baby, she's not me


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  3. gosh, I love dragons!!! You've made nice story!

  4. Love, love, love! This look is just so COOL. Like legen......dary.

  5. great look, original and cool. you look amazing. i really like it ;)

  6. Your style is so unique, I love it! & also, thank you for the comment on my blog! :) xx

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  8. you look great! nice sunnies and I love your style <3

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  10. Hi.. thanks for visiting my blog..:)

    Well I think it is better to have variety of styles than have just 1 defined look..I think we dress to express our feelings..and since we have many moods, we have many styles..well, that is my opinion..:)

    Wow! Those are cool photos even when it is only taken through improvised tripod..:)give me some advise please? cause I really have the same problems..:(

    Cool ring and shades :)

  11. Love ur jacket and earring!

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  13. I love your original ring and yours glasses


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