I was about to say "Morning people!" but than I realised that it's 9 P.M and this is not a good time to do that...
Anywho, heellooo!
So I was going to post something else BUT I changed my mind because of my new shoes, which are the most awesome thing I've ever own (and this hat is the second thing. Seriously).
I was buying creepers for like a YEAR. That's a pretty lot of time, huh? And when I saw this pair on Solestruck I was in love :D Now I what more creepers. And more. And maybe a little bit more.
I don't get these pics a little bit, my camera was just... how can I say that... I got this. It was behaving fucking weird. "Oh look at me, I know you're in hurry, so I'm not going to focus at all... And now I'm focusing on some random stuff in the background, I'm such a funny camera..."
No. You're not. Get over yourself, please.

I was wondering, that all these fashion bloggers have such a serious face expressions... And I don't get this a little bit, why I can't see these pretty girls smiling? I like silly faces. 

But the point is, you can see the outfit, I hope. A lot of black, blueish details - sequin top, bowler hat :D (ok, this is so cool), glasses from Giant Vintage :* and SHOES. 
Let me know what you think; do you like creepers? 

P.S. Just wanted to chatter a little: I feel like after the car accident with a roller, and I got so many mock exams right now. And everybody are like "Well, that's not important" but I suspect that some teachers might not be happy. For example, I have to write this exam from physics, chemistry and maths.
I don't have to get this as I am an artist, right? :D
I should spent my life writing, creating and drawing, not studying things which I'll forget after one day.
And you know what I'm doing? When there there are really a lot of things, of which I should take care, I'm going to sleep and think the problem will solve itself.

So... goodnight XD

"You suck"

I just love her voice and the face expressions are brilliant!
O M G, you look just like Shakira
No no, you're Catherine Zeta
Actually, my name is Marina


  1. Wow!! Wonderful creepers! :D

    New post on my blog, check it!

  2. I do love your shoes , perfect !!
    good luck (:

  3. Cute hat, top and skirt :)

  4. Love your outfit....your shoes are amazing.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  5. Awesome!!

    -xoxo- lorena


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