spanish caravan (halloween/día de los muertos!!)

Hey there my scary weirdos!
Yesterday was Halloween. One of my most favourited days in the whole year. Some of you may already guess that I was SO DAMN EXCITED :D So, I woke up at 4:54 A.M. to do my make up and everything, what is like about 1,5 hour earlier than usual, but I was like "yay, yay, yay, I can start my Halloween now, hurray!" Seriously, on the Wednesday morning I didn't choose sleeping and I was happy as hell.

This year I was inspired by Día de los Muertos. I truly love aestethics and the way of celebrating this day in Mexico, it's really magical, totally different than here, brighter and happier. I am an atheist, for me it isn't time for religious contemplation, but I love discovering new cultures and outlooks. 
And you know what, that's a good moment to talk about tolerance. I tolerate members of each faith, but - what I can note - is that here, in Poland manifesting your religion is totally ok...
As long as you're a Christian or.
If you're anyone else, well, society probably won't aproove it. And yes, I meant it - doesn't matter if you just confess any other faith, or does not confess any of them. Community dictates to all these "free people" that something is obviously wrong with you (and by you I mean all non-Christians in here :D) The biggest part of public is stucked in the belief, that as an atheist I am a Satan's bastard. Well, screw you, society.

One of my teachers used to say that dressing up for Halloween is a profanation and that's what church says, and I just want to remind you, world, that all I do here is having kick-ass make up and having fun, I can't remind myself if I have been dancing on a graves and digging out the bones. 

Wow, hope you guys still read it (please say 'yes'), cause last time I'm writing more and more :D And just to let you know, I went to school dressed like that and me and my friend was only really dressed up persons in the class and the biggest part of teachers were happy, especially that I'm in bilingual school with Spanish, haha! I'm leaving you with pics (finally, huh? :D)

+zacznę tłumaczyć jak znowu będę miała ochotę i czas, czyli niedługo w porywach do nigdy :D


I have to see you again and again
Take me, Spanish Caravan
Yes, I know you can


  1. Great makeup!!! I love this costume on people. The makeup is what makes it so amazing!!! =D

  2. hi gorgeous!thank you for your lovely comment!
    I loved your blog.
    Great make-up!!!
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    would you please follow me back?
    thank you
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  3. followed you dear! hope you can do the same <3 love your costume and make up! perfect for halloween parties! x

  4. Amazing make up! Wow!


  5. Amazing costume!!


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