the beer

I was going to show you a set with these shoes and this coat again, as I said, soon, but not thay soon...
(that makes so much sense, huh? :D)
The point is, I don't know what happened with my notebook charger, but it's just now working. And so do my notebook. And aaaaalllllll the pics are there. So I got only these ones, because I took them yesterday and they're still on my camera :>  This is a mini post, anyway ;_;
Yeah, I'm wearing trousers, because it was Monday. On Mondays I'm forced to wear pants, cause I got spanish drama class and one time I'm an old, bad nun who gets murdered and clearly it's more comfortable in trousers C: 

bitching around the town in a plume, looool :3

P.S. I got 76% from math mock exam. I'm genius.
And btw, do you like my new hair color? It looks like on the first pic ^^


Worth listening and watching. Totally.

he came home on acid i was holding his shotgun
i was dressed like tina turner in beyond thunder dome
he said don't shoot, i said i won't i love you you're my friend
i handed him my wig and shot myself in the head

and the boom box on my shoulder was a box of clementines
i ate every single one without noticing the mold
you said you're gross my darling, i said no i'm rock and roll
even though i'd never ever been in a band
i got cool as black ice tattooed on my hand
and the christians gave me comic books as if i would be scared
of burning in hell well i was already there

i tried to scream fuck you but blood was pouring out my mouth
evan dando never planned on telling you the truth
and your leonardo i.d. card is your fountain of youth
you can be a teenager for your whole fucking life
just find some pretty sucker and make that bitch your wife

I died.
That's what happens when you spend too much time looking at gifs on the internet.


  1. So original look, honey!

    Lots of love,



  2. Spanish drama class sounds pretty interesting!)))
    Lovely pants!

    1. It sure is interesting and... violent, haha :D But still, cool!

  3. oooo you look very interesting and nice!! you hair is very stylish-I follow you ;)-follow meeeeee :**

  4. Love this outfit, it's so cool!! You have such a great style :)

  5. Very different variation i must say :) I love the colors!!
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