blood for poppies

Hello everybody, looks like we're alive.
What is not surprising at all.
But yesterday, in the evening, when I was sitting in my room, I began to wonder...
"What if the world really will end tomorrow? And what would I do if I was sure that it will happen?"
24 hours ago I thought that I know what I would say. And to who. I was like really, really sure.
Nothing special happened today, but now I think that I won't do it. 
Not because I changed my mind, because I feel different. 
I feel like all my thoughts about one thing are gone, I don't know why.
My mind was cured in some elusive moment, which I can't specify.
I hope it will stay healthy, I'm tired. But I'm also scared that this is gone for a while.
Just deep thoughts caused by doing nothing.

So I took those pics yesterday. This is my story of wondering about the end. And one of my favourite songs.

One illusion was born and killed the old one, which was really strong; so the new one was the winner of the moment. But it becomes weaker, and it's going to die soon. There will be no illusions, and I'll be free. I'll abandon this hopeless hope.

edit (23 hours later): The world really has ended. And there is a new one. Better. I feel so different from how I feel for last... many months. 
Best End of The World ever.

And I think it's all because of the nicest, the cutest and the best christmas wishes I have ever heard.

The wafer is burning our impious mouth.

This is my song. 

I don't know why they are calling on the radio
They know i'm here just out of sight
I don't know why they are calling on the radio
It's by my side, and I know i'm right


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  2. that's one of my favorite song of all time :D


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