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Hi my darlings!
So, I didn't plan this post and these pics were taken super spontaneously, like
"I'm about to leave in about a half of an hour, maybe I should pack my stuff?
NO, better take pictures of my simple, travel, casual outfit!"
And, here it is. Simple set and bright (on purpose! ;>) photos. I'm happy because I'm posting more often, even if sometimes my looks are just daily stuff. and this is how I'd like my blog to be: a lively part of my life.

Hope you guys like it and you that had a great time on Christmas!

Amazing song, really

We are a lullaby, an everlasting song
Taken as prisoners to a place where we belong
If the tune stops, I will not wake, oh no
Without us I'm no one, my soul swells and aches

So on the day when the music dies, so will our love
There'll be some pain, but I'll keep it in my locket
If you'll lead the band, then I will have to follow
There's no escape for me, so

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So if this melody should stop or fade away
The oceans will drain out, and the stars disintegrate
It's like voodoo, I've lost all my control
I look into you, you make me rock and roll


  1. kocham klimat tych prostych zdjęć :)

  2. great look girl, u look nice! Wld love to c u drop by my blog and follow maybe :)

  3. You look lovely, sweety!

    Happy New Year!


  4. Gorgeous photos, seriously in love with your hair!

    Have a happy New Year!

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  6. omg yess bessana, I also face the problem, like all the awesome people, well at least them who think like me and act like me are on the other half of the planet, and sweet Jesus you look stunning, your orange hair is just beautiful, you remind me a bit of coco rocha tbh, why are you just so stunning? xoxo.
    oh anyways, blue and your pale skin and orange-y hair are stunning together, though I'd prefer it more if you used leggings/skinny jeans instead of the skirt.
    check out my latest photographic portfolio "Masquerade Ball:The Untold Stories of The Artistic Womb"


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