poison prince

Hey everybody! <3
Sorry about that break in blogging, but sick me didn't feel like doing anything except lying in bed. Happily, I'm feeling good right now and I'm on holiday in the mountains (I got a internet connection on my mom's computer, but it's speed is like one snail for an hour).
One of the very few things I like in winter is skiing, and that's my plan for next week ;) The perfect combo - skiing and warm weather. Impossible. And why nobody has invented ski leggings yet?! They'd look so much better than usual ski trousers.
It's really, really cold here - like a definition of winter. That is why I think this beanie is in the right place on earth. You know that I'm more like a colorful person and I love skirts - but it depends on my mood, and I felt like black. With little drops of color.
I can say that I was inspired by The Little Match Girl. This is my XXI century version.
Hates winter, dresses in dark and always has her matches with her.

P.S. I'll answer all comments from previous posts soon! :*

get inspired and find other awesome rings at Gold Finger Barcelona
glasses - Giant Vintage
sweater - Calvin Klein Jeans
shirt - Levis
beanie - Have Mercy apparel
boots - Stradivarius
bag - H&M

Oh who said life was easy
Who said life was fair
Who said nobody gives a damn and nobody even cares



Hello my darlings! I'd love to post some outfit pics. But, sadly, I haven't got any and for now, I'm still that sick that I'm not even thinking about leaving the house. And I found warm socks as a gift from heaven (said an atheist, whatevs). So I decided to share with you few black&white pictures, because despite the fact I'm the rainbow lover and a flower child, sometimes I fall for all these simplicity and minimalism. 

Also, last time I've been really obsessed with 70', so don't be surprised if you see me looking like a relict of the era. That 70' Show, it gave me so many inspirations! They knew exactly how the good kitsch looks, even if they didn't realize it ;)

I have to tell you guys that I noticed one very, like veeeeeeery weird thing which is happening to me last day.
*this is the moment to hold your breath*
I started listening to Lady GaGa.
But wait. I knew that she has a great voice (and she dresses so well, god!). But she used to sing that crappy, pop clangour which I really don't like. And then I found that her songs have some meanings. Yeah, not common in the world of pop stars singing about kissing random people at the parties. The best part is, I found some nice songs (ok, there is a one song which I fully like, and this is this one from the title).
So still not convinced to that kind of music, I'm pressing play and listening to Americano.
Good luck in looking for my logic, it've been gone since like always.

P.S. Do you think this is still healthy if I saw a particular jacket from a particular collection on one of my colleagues in my dream? IT LOOKED JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

I think it will become my new favourite picture of all time.

silly camera sometimes does a good job when it forgets to focus, and then: it's art.

taken one day after halloween "why my favourite day is over so fast?!"

ok, so whoever thinks that I look like a demon on this picture, raise your hand!
*raises both hands*
now I'm scared that I'm going to come to myself at night and eat my own soul.

I love this retro pop and double language; and I understand both of them, hell yeah!
Mi corazón me duele por mi generación

If you love me, we can marry on the west coast
On a Wednesday, en un verano, en agosto

I don't speak your
I won't speak your
Jesus Christo

I will fight for, I have fought for
How I love you
I have cried for I will die for

How I care


jealous girl

Good evening everybody :3
Pics from about... some time ago, 1,5 of a week maybe? Something like that. It wasn't snowing and it felt more like spring. So cool.
But anyway, I'm glad that I had those pics, beacuse now I'm lying in my bed, coughing and sneezing (ah, the beauty of winter) in my stylish pajama ("How leggings and big t-shirt revolutionized catwalks - punk comfort's not dead). I got a really awesome tissue box, it's supposed to look like a radio. 
Well I just want to feel better and wear dresses :D

For this outfit I went simple, but unconventional: sporty and glamour. Oversize Wrangel hoodie with big, black necklace, skirt with shiny dots and my combat boots, which became something like a "regular shoes"
I look little bit like a zombie on the pics with whole me. So you know. Ignore it.

Lana is perfect, no matter if this is melancholic song or something fast and kind of pop...

Baby, I'm a gangsta too and it takes two to tango 

If I can't have you baby, no one else in this world can 

C'mon girls, say it loud, tell him that it's over now 

You're not off the hook, ya' deceiver 
I know whatcha' done done, sing cheerleaders

B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E 

Think you should be my man 
No one's better than I am 
C'mon give it to me, bam 
If I can't have you baby, no one else in this world can 


lonely in your arms

Hello darlings! <3
I'm posting more often, as I promised! ^^  Thank you for all your sweet comments on the last post, you're the best!
As you may know, I am not a big fan of winter (ok, honestly - I hate this bitch), but when I see that on these season there are even more black&grey people around me, I remind myself about my giant love to colors. Bright, clear colors. And I really like wearing them.... mixed all together. Even if here blue looks dominant, there are so many shades of rainbow here! So I set my cobaltic bowler hat with the tights in the same color (few years ago for me in was the ugliest color in the universe; now I like it and it looks cool with ginger hair!), bright navy blue dress, rainbow creepers (best shoes ever btw) and funny accessories, like parrot ring, paper clips bracelet... and matryoshka brooch! It's a handmade gift from my friend (:*) and what can be better than this when I'm a total matryoshka freak?! <3

Enjoy and let me know what do you think!

P.S. Anyone else can't wait to see new HIMYM episode?? :D

She was on her own tonight
She knew the fools and she played them right
Maybe that was something I thought she saw in me
If you were to ask me why
For my amusement and to pass the time
Maybe she will cast a line into the big Black Sea
Now she said I, I could be lonely
I could be lonely in your arms
I know that I, I could be lonely
I could be lonely in your arms


leave my body

Good evening everybody, it's already Friday, isn't it great? <3
This is an outfit from about a week ago, when it was much warmer and it wasn't snowing (I. Hate. Winter. Forever.) The worst season, only plus is skiing! And when I'm not on the holidays, only thing which I can do with winter is I don't know, freezing to death maybe?! I'd say: "No offence, winter", but yeah, actually - Offence, winter. Offenceoffenceoffence.

I decided to go with darker colors and silver, burgundy retro dress, velvet shoes in the actual same color (cool, huh :D) black shirt and tights. And the silver jewelry, I think it makes this look more lively. Black with silver is a usual set, seen everywhere, but what I saw last days - when it comes to wine, people used to add golden accessories, like in barouqe, and pearls - just luxury! I love barouqe, but I felt good with my modern version ;) Also, I read somewhere that "all that retro baroque stuff looks like a sofa material" Maybe it's right, am I supposed to feel... couchy or living roomy? XD
 Do you like it? Let me know! <3

P.S. I don't know why, but I think that this song match to pictures, and I love it!

I'm gonna be released from behind these lines
And I don't care whether I live or die
And I'm losing blood, I'm gonna leave my bones
And I don't want your heart it leaves me cold

I don't want your future
I don't need your past
One grand moment
Is all I ask

I'm gonna leave my body
(moving up to higher ground)
I'm gonna lose my mind

(History keeps pulling me down)
Said I'm gonna leave my body
(moving up to higher ground)
I'm gonna lose my mind
(History keeps pulling me, pulling me down)

I don't need a husband, don't need no wife
And don't need the day, I don't need the night
And I don't need the birds let them fly away
And I don't want the clouds, they never seem to stay


everything at once

Hello dear dears! <3
Not a long post today, but I really like the first pic and wanted to remind you about the first Great Artist, Liron, who is the creator of this amazing brooch (click click click Happy Liron Etsy shop)
I really like wearing this cute little piece with things made from jeans, this time - a striped dress. I added a accessories in red and black shirt (sorry about last blurry picture, but happily my camera is working good again, so this is the last one with... not the best quality ever XD)
Many posts (mostly outside shoots ;) are on the way, stay tuned! <3

as free as a bird

All I wanna be oh, all I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything
Everything at once