Hello my darlings! I'd love to post some outfit pics. But, sadly, I haven't got any and for now, I'm still that sick that I'm not even thinking about leaving the house. And I found warm socks as a gift from heaven (said an atheist, whatevs). So I decided to share with you few black&white pictures, because despite the fact I'm the rainbow lover and a flower child, sometimes I fall for all these simplicity and minimalism. 

Also, last time I've been really obsessed with 70', so don't be surprised if you see me looking like a relict of the era. That 70' Show, it gave me so many inspirations! They knew exactly how the good kitsch looks, even if they didn't realize it ;)

I have to tell you guys that I noticed one very, like veeeeeeery weird thing which is happening to me last day.
*this is the moment to hold your breath*
I started listening to Lady GaGa.
But wait. I knew that she has a great voice (and she dresses so well, god!). But she used to sing that crappy, pop clangour which I really don't like. And then I found that her songs have some meanings. Yeah, not common in the world of pop stars singing about kissing random people at the parties. The best part is, I found some nice songs (ok, there is a one song which I fully like, and this is this one from the title).
So still not convinced to that kind of music, I'm pressing play and listening to Americano.
Good luck in looking for my logic, it've been gone since like always.

P.S. Do you think this is still healthy if I saw a particular jacket from a particular collection on one of my colleagues in my dream? IT LOOKED JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

I think it will become my new favourite picture of all time.

silly camera sometimes does a good job when it forgets to focus, and then: it's art.

taken one day after halloween "why my favourite day is over so fast?!"

ok, so whoever thinks that I look like a demon on this picture, raise your hand!
*raises both hands*
now I'm scared that I'm going to come to myself at night and eat my own soul.

I love this retro pop and double language; and I understand both of them, hell yeah!
Mi corazón me duele por mi generación

If you love me, we can marry on the west coast
On a Wednesday, en un verano, en agosto

I don't speak your
I won't speak your
Jesus Christo

I will fight for, I have fought for
How I love you
I have cried for I will die for

How I care


  1. Great post! Lady Gaga have so many good songs! Also I looove singing along with Americano :) xo

  2. You look great:) Cool blog:) You have beauty dress. I follow U ;)

  3. your pics are amazing. :) reading this post was such a fine expierience:D

  4. wow amazing pics

  5. yassss. I mean like, go listen to the whole born this way album, it's not like-the typical pop, it's just, super-meaningful, and how she changed my life has been incredibly just a wow. anyways, the pictures are perfection, you look STUNNING SERIOUSLY GAH HOW CAN YOU MANAGE BEING ALIVE WITH SUCH BEAUTY GAHHHH *wishes I was as pretty as you are, this is what makes us girls, right? (well im a guy)*


  6. thanks for visitng our blog and commenting, love your pictures.
    want to follow each other??let us know.


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