poison prince

Hey everybody! <3
Sorry about that break in blogging, but sick me didn't feel like doing anything except lying in bed. Happily, I'm feeling good right now and I'm on holiday in the mountains (I got a internet connection on my mom's computer, but it's speed is like one snail for an hour).
One of the very few things I like in winter is skiing, and that's my plan for next week ;) The perfect combo - skiing and warm weather. Impossible. And why nobody has invented ski leggings yet?! They'd look so much better than usual ski trousers.
It's really, really cold here - like a definition of winter. That is why I think this beanie is in the right place on earth. You know that I'm more like a colorful person and I love skirts - but it depends on my mood, and I felt like black. With little drops of color.
I can say that I was inspired by The Little Match Girl. This is my XXI century version.
Hates winter, dresses in dark and always has her matches with her.

P.S. I'll answer all comments from previous posts soon! :*

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glasses - Giant Vintage
sweater - Calvin Klein Jeans
shirt - Levis
beanie - Have Mercy apparel
boots - Stradivarius
bag - H&M

Oh who said life was easy
Who said life was fair
Who said nobody gives a damn and nobody even cares


  1. Fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. great outfit, cap is the best ;)

  3. Genialnie wyglądasz w tej czapie i okularach:)

  4. luv ur outfit

  5. aww, you look so cute! And great outfit!

  6. love love the kitschy hat! looking good!


  7. verry nice outfit,i love your shoes!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!X

  8. Nice manicure and ring :)

  9. very funny beanie hat!


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