the lipstick on his collar

So hello in 2013! Any New Years relosution have been broken already? :D Hope not!
One of mine was posting more often, so here I am! In a simple, school outfit, and I'm wearing black trousers, like what the...
But they're cool when I decide to sleep longer instead of choosing outfit. Yeah. Don't worry, I'm going to wear dress next time and everything will be normal :P
What can I say about this outfit? I bought a new pair of black, shiny combat boots (they're one of my new four pairs, blame sales!) and the leather is still really rigid... but they're cool, aren't they?


P.S. Last time I started to watch that series "Awkward" and I totally loved it, then finished all 2 seasons in three days... Can't wait to June to see the third season! 
What's your favourite series? <3

I feel a little wounded and it isn't fair
To sit inside a parlour and see him standing over there
As smug as a robber that a cop can't catch

The lipstick on his collar doesn't seem to match mine

Cause I'm a broken record and he has to tell me twice


  1. Absolutely adore that sweater, and your style in general. I'm so glad I came across your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know!

  2. świetny sweter ;)

  3. You look so cute!!!

  4. Nice pics!

  5. Love your "Gosh" sweater!

  6. thank you so much!
    i love your hair :)

    xx, rebecca

  7. Gorgeous collection of images!!! Well done, love your outfit!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. wow love that outfit and nails *___* !


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