freedom at 21

I can't say good morning/afternoon/even evening, I guess, so..
Good Midnight everybody!
I'm back to life and, I hope, normal blogging. After 2 weeks of being sick and then another 2 on holidays, travelling around the country :> That was a whole month free of school and I was feeling like I missed it a little, little, little bit. 
Well I was wrong and I realised that on my first lesson today.
But before I went with my friend for a coffee, and while going to school we shoot today's outfit.
This is a second in a row (!) outfit with trousers on my blog, and also all black like the last one! THAT'S REALLY ENOUGH. I didn't want to wear black pants today at all, but I had a spanish drama class and I have to admit that when someone is killing you and pulling on the floor than yeah, this is trousers time.

So, basically black and silver, Docs matched with pants which I rolled up a little (I saw this idea on Violet's blog last time and I loved it so bad) with my super fur. It's long, it's faux, it's cozy and I bought it in a thrift store for about 1 (!!!!) dollar. BEST DEAL EVER.


new song between my favs ever
Jack, marry me
She don't care that what she does has 
An effect on you
She's got freedom in the 21st century


  1. 1 dollar furs are a forever win! AWESOME!

  2. lovely inspiration, great look. Happy Valentine's Day, following u hope you will do the same

  3. great hair colour dear ^^
    kiss and happy day

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