are you satisfied?

Hey darlings!
Well, March is over. I'm still not posting as often as I wish, but blame my camera/life/exams, whatever you want to :> I can't wait to May, all those superimportantomgyoushouldstudy tests will be after me, then I'll visit London for few days and there will be only 2 months left to holidays. 

Today is a little bit different day to post than usual, because it's my blog 1st anniversary <3 I didn't realize how the time passed so quickly, and even if I know there's a lot of work to do to make my blog perfect, I'm pround of myself from not letting it down after a while (I do it with a lot of things when I get bored of them). I met some really lovely and cool people thanks to blogging, and it is such an amazing experience!
Thank you so much for being here with me ^^

I really like this set. Even if I'm not usually into musthaveminttrianglesneonsblahblahblah, if I like something, I don't care if it's "in" or "out". That's what happened with those leggings. I decided to go with monochrome print mixing and flower power :D
I love this freaky frog on my head, it's so unique, quirky and one of a kind <3

- Mum, I'll put it clear: I'm going to wear a frog on my head. Can I do it now or would you like me to do it till you won't see me?
-... Wait till I won't see you.

frog fascinator - jasminthestrange
coat, necklace. shirt - H&M
blazer - mum's closet <3
shoes - Stradivarius
earrings - handicraft fair

I lovelovelovelovelove Marina. Her voice is so different and so real, not like all those perfect voices which always sound the same. She puts emotions in every world. And this song seems good for a anniversary post. Am I satisfied? It's all good, but I want it to be better, and I'll make it that way.

Have anyone noticed that I used to write words of the songs and figured out that those written with blackish font are meaningful for me? Well, this song is really blackish. Even the parts that are not here.
People like to tell you what you're gonna be
It's not my problem if you don't see what I see
And I do not give a damn if you don't believe

High achiever don't you see
Baby, nothing comes for free
They say I am a control freak
Driven a greed to succeed
Nobody can stop me

'Cause it's my problem
If I wanna pack up and run away
It's my business if I feel the need to
Smoke and drink and swear
It's my problem, it's my problem
If I feel the need to hide
It's my problem if I have no friends
And feel I want to die


  1. Who's there in the mirror? Your girlfriend? :D

    1. No, just some random midget who took pictures, called "You" XD
      And not happening, I don't like girls! :P

    2. Taller is better&I'm not that one who complains about my height :P

  2. Hi babe! I just published a post featuring my new Oasap dress… let me know what do you think about it!

    1. ps. I adore this outfit...especially that you mixed flowers and stripes!

  3. great outfit!really something else!

  4. Lovely outfit!
    What about following each other also on Facebook and Bloglovin?? :) C, xoxo.

  5. loving the whole outfit, currently this would be your best outfit, loving the pants, the shirt, the coat, the frog on your head, everything <3 happy birthday the fangle jungle!
    check out my latest post "I've Got Nothing Left To Lose" on and go check out my tumblr on

  6. gorgeous outfit, beautiful shirt!!

    Annika B.

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