britney bitch!

Hey everybody, finally after exams *dyingdyindying*
This is one of the sets I wore on them, with my new superfoxyawesomehot T.U.K heels from the thrift store, cola bag, silver sunnies bowtie. Actually, I think I'm going to show you one more set from those days and it'll be also in black&red, plus little details. Pics my timer. What an artist XD
So for now I'm off to lying, doing nothing and finally without feeling bad about my procrastination.
Yeah. I'm lazy because I can. And exams ate like half of my brain and it is respawning right now. I think I'll watch Mean Girls :D

omg Karen you can't just ask people why they're white

P.S. The title... I'm not into that kind of music. Actually, I kind of hate it. But I've been laughing at the words "Britney bitch!" for like last few days, so you know :D


ice reign

There wasn't any spring this year. One day I'm freezing while wearing sweater and jacket, and boom! Summer. *omg that's way to hot in everything* But that's totally better than winter.
I'm spending the biggest part of my time on studying last days (ok, or on thinking that I should study). I got like really important exams next week, after whole school. Yeah. Cool XD

I was dressing up in the morning, all like "hey girl, u should hurry up, you have to print all that stuff for spanish etc) and after I put this velour beige t-shirt on I found this cool, but too formal and a little bit not enough for me XD So after layering (soon layering will be also known as "are you freaking insane that's like billion deegres outside) I think that this is pretty cool leopard steam punk look. That sounds nice :D

So bye, I feel like books need me (or maybe I'll just pretend that I'm asleep. don't know yet :D)

Royalty's not what it seems
Folks can be cruel & be mean
Waging battles, online wars
It's all just a bit of a chore
Listen to what i now say
For bad behaviour you'll pay
So start being civil
Courteous too
Or it will be off
With your head



Hellou ;3 How are you guys? Blogging isn't easy last days, I got exams in about week and a half (omgimgonnafailthemsomuch) like you know, big exams, after three years of school... so yeah. And I'm getting more tired everyday. Isn't it suspicious? :D

So yesterday I had more time after school and I bought (for a really small amount :D) two awesome things that you can see in this look. A blue velour A-line dress in a thrift store and a blue wig. I mean, just look at it. BLUE. HOW AWESOME AND SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS IS THAT. Course, I had to make everybody think that I really cut my hair by putting b&w pic on facebook. And I was laughing so hard after many messages like "OMG what did you do with your hair?! Why did you cut it?!"
Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn :D

So I decided to dress a little bit like in 50's, with the A dress and ballerina shoes in the same color that tights :P It looked kinda as I was barefoot :) With a bow and bob (in cosmic shade, but anyway), tada!
Let me know what do you think :*

This is beautiful. 

We’ve got obsessions
I want to wipe out all the sad ideas that come to me when I am holding you
We’ve got obsessions
All you ever think about are sick ideas involving me, involving you