ice reign

There wasn't any spring this year. One day I'm freezing while wearing sweater and jacket, and boom! Summer. *omg that's way to hot in everything* But that's totally better than winter.
I'm spending the biggest part of my time on studying last days (ok, or on thinking that I should study). I got like really important exams next week, after whole school. Yeah. Cool XD

I was dressing up in the morning, all like "hey girl, u should hurry up, you have to print all that stuff for spanish etc) and after I put this velour beige t-shirt on I found this cool, but too formal and a little bit not enough for me XD So after layering (soon layering will be also known as "are you freaking insane that's like billion deegres outside) I think that this is pretty cool leopard steam punk look. That sounds nice :D

So bye, I feel like books need me (or maybe I'll just pretend that I'm asleep. don't know yet :D)

Royalty's not what it seems
Folks can be cruel & be mean
Waging battles, online wars
It's all just a bit of a chore
Listen to what i now say
For bad behaviour you'll pay
So start being civil
Courteous too
Or it will be off
With your head


  1. hello,i am royal wang,i love your style,so punk,you look so punk,and the way you wear your shoes,WOW........................................................................................

    i invite you to read my new post,thank you

  2. Cool style =)

  3. amazing shoes!!!:)

  4. love the look!
    PS I heard, temperatures are set to drop again next week....

  5. amazing quirky glasses <3

  6. I love your "about me" introduction. It's honest and true, just like your style ♡

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  7. Love this steampunk style


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