beauty underneath

Hey everybody <3
Simple set, based on black&white with a bit of neon - pink and green. I bought this dress in H&M in London, I think that it wasn't meant to be oversized, because it it 42, and I usually wear 36 :P but it was the last piece on sale for 7 pounds. I fell in love with it and later used to call it "the green dress", and, what is quite funny, I still think about it like that, even if the green is like a 2% of colors in this dress :P

I just noticed that everything in this look (except for the shoes) is from H&M and from sale :P Dress and tights - in London, and I found necklace and sunnies in here in Poland. Have you ever had that thing that you bought something being all like "hey that's nice and cheap, I'll take it" and end up being ADDICTED to this piece? Another thing that I just realized. The same thing is with my favourite black skirt. And this necklace. Bought for such a silly price and they became the ones of very few thing which I wear quite often.

I'm so glad, because I already have two "sets" of pics and I really like them! Can't wait to show you everything <3

Let me know what do you think!
Love, B

I went to see The Phantom Of The Opera when I was in London, and few days after I came back I turned on the TV and saw Love Never Dies <3

Do you find yourself beguiled
By the dangerous and wild?

Do you feed on the need 
for the beauty underneath?

Have you felt your senses served
And surrendered to the urge?
And been hooked as you looked at the
At the beauty underneath?

When you stare behind the night
Can you glimpse its primal might?
Might you hunger to possess
Hunger that you can't repress?

Don't you feel amazing things?
Things you know you can't confess
Things you thirst for, nonetheless


coming back as a man

i'm gonna wear blue
and find a pair of flat black leather shoes

Hello <3
Me in trousers is something truly unusual, but as I imagined the outfit which I'd like to create with this amazing scarf from Literati Club (:*), which is covered with Steve Jobs quotes I just couldn't say no to pants. So I tried to match it with something a little bit geeky and hipster-ish, rolled up the jeans, added animal print, bright shirt with print which looked a bit like my grandpa's - and that's what came out. Casual, but still something else with velour body with triangle decolletage. 

The scarf may be worn in many different ways, this time I went with this loose one, using it as a scarf and substitute of a jewelry - as it was a very windy day, it felt great to cover with it - it's so soft <3 The quotes on it are really inspiring, and as Jobs used to wear jeans, the outfit has even more to do with him ;)

This look was also inspired with the song of Caro Emerald, since I really love her after I heard her song first time about 3? 4? years ago. Something like that. And when I saw that she has released another album, I was like "asdffjakjfbvajvbkadbuacbvbsuibaia YES" In the song which is the title of this post, she describes her look after some changes, I decided to do this with a touch of more girly stuff, like the bag and a ring.

I was going to take pics in some industrial place and I think that's going to be my next choice while shooting look with this scarf - but when I saw the flowers I fell for them and there was no return! Spring yeaah.


she's my music crush for forever and ever! best girl <3
Gonna drop the yellow pages
Finally then she had a thrill
To dress me up and make me look like someone else instead
It’s time for my rehearsal, the ultimate reversal

You see, I’ve got it planned
I’m coming back as a man


space oddity/london photo diary

I think this may be one of my favourite pics, the sculpture and the reflection of the bus ;)

So after the exams and few days of dying after them, I went to London - mostly for shopping and visiting the Bowie exhibition in V&A. I really, really enjoyed this journey and I'm sad about being back home, but I guess it's a part of it ;)
I found London really inspiring and open minded - btw, it wasn't my first time there, but as I was younger I wasn't up to all that creativity and awesomeness of this city. It was like the first time when I felt like I fit somewhere in the universe with my being excentric and stuff. When I was going back home on the last day, wearing a giant fascinator (which I'm going to wear soon, so wait for pics ;) people were staring, but more like "wow, cool" that "omg what the fuck is that fucking thing on her head omfffg".

That David Bowie exhibition at Victoria&Albert was really great, all his inspirations and costumes all together in a one place. I loved it, cause it was all about being individual, different, leading - and not following. He was the one who brought the issues like tolerance and freedom, who saw the things from the totally different point of view.

I bought a lot of cool stuff and I'm oficially in love with charity stores, I also took some pics - but the point was filming, so I hope that I'll be able to post a movie from a trip in few next days ;) And I became a stalker photographer to some cool people on the street :D So here is my photo diary from London - enjoy! And wait for video diary ^^

At the entrance of V&A

Well, selfies are a must. In a hotel too XD

This really fancy japanese restaurant which doesn't look like one at all. More like a spy base. But the food was awesome. I mean, asparagus ice cream? Wow.

The rest of the look ;)

Stalker me, first part.

Irregular Choice! <3 One babies went home with me <3 <3 <3

Despite the fact that all the clothes at Monki were too big, even S, the mirrors were nice :D

Poster near my hotel ^^

Such a cute note in a fitting room in one of shops in Camden <3

Another cool thing at the same shop ^^

And this is like summary of how awesome Camden is.

 View of the river in Camden ;)

Love the Starbucks coffee, but I prefer to cheat on it with Nero :P

 Such a gorgeous chandelier in Camden market c:

 You know that I like just realised that it was Cyberdog near that robot? And I didn't notice it D

Everything in Camden is just so creative!


Goat in the City!


I just like stunning chandeliers :> V&A

Fashion Gallery at V&A

Jewels at V&A

Stalker me, second part

me, in the underground with David :D the most normal outfit :P

 I don't know what shop was it, but doesn't it look awesome?

Harrods at night

Awesomeness at Urban Outfitters ;>

 TkMaxx skirt <3

The last day ;)

Ground control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown, engines on