burning desire

Hellou loves! I'm so happy about posting more often ^^ Here is the outfit I wore to Lana's concert witch I told you about in the previous post. I wanted something... Lana like, so a floral crown was a must (and I just have to say that it is my very own work :P), I matched it with a jeans and flowery dress, lilac vest and heavier shoes to   give this outfit a bit more of character. Also, I really wanted to wear those socks witch I bought few days earlier, and as I'm a total freak for socks I just couldn't let it go :D

And a bit of my fav trash talk right now - as I'm publicing looks that I wore some time ago, it isn't really accurate to the weather right now, and I would really like to ask summer what the hell is going on, because if one day I'm just dying and I just want to eat ice and take off my skin, today I was literally drowning while crossing underground passage; I mean, this damn water was above my ankles! And it was raining all the time, so after like 15 minutes my make-up made me look more like drag queen XD

In two days I've got the end of the school year, so honestly I'm kind of freaking out about all that goodbyes and stuff (I feel like I wrote it before, but can't find it; whatevs :P). I mean, some people go, some people stay, and I just feel like I just have to get the stuff done. Yeaaah.

Last thing - I guess that I'm lucky to write those words, because like an hour ago I just tripped over my notebook charger, it feel down and was like in some freakin' coma for some time and then it woke up. So I guess I can't do this again :D

I just love it, and the ways she sings it...

I drive fast, wind in my hair
I push it to the limits
‘Cause I just don’t care

You ask me where I've been
I've been everywhere
But I don’t wanna be 
Nowhere but here
(Come on tell me, boy)


young and beautiful *lana del rey concert in warsaw 02.06*

As I told you guys few posts earlier, on 02.06 (three weeks ago!) I went to Lana Del Rey concert, and as I totally love her I WAS SO SUPER EXCITED (need I say that I still am?!!), and no doubt that that was the BEST CONCERT EVER OMG.
Even if there is an opinion in some groups that she doesn't sing good live, it may have been true in the past., definitely not now.
She was so perfect on that day (I guess that I sound like a psycho, whatever) XD, and I love her even more since that day - she is so sweet and has such an amazing communication con her fans *dying* I was lucky because I got to the second line, SO DAMN CLOSE TO THE STAGE (but I do regret not waiting there even earlier, next time :P). She came down to use, hugged and stuff ^^ And this is the moment in which I really may seem a reaaal psycho fan for a while but I touched her hair and yes, I'm super happy cause of it :D
The tracklist was a bit changed but there's nothing to regret; I mean, she sang Burning Desire and Young and Beautiful, few days after it's premiere so it was really special, cause we were first to here it live on a normal concert <3
Done with psycho talk, enjoy the pics! I can't wait to go to her another concert, I can already say that it will also be pure magic!

This guy's hands describe how we all felt: LOVE LOVE LOVE BUT TOO EXCITED TO AVOID SHAKING XD

I've seen the world, lit it up as my stage now
Channeling angels in, the new age now
Hot summer days, rock and rollOh that grace, oh that body
Oh that face makes me wanna party

He's my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?


the outsider

Finally, after the biggest part of school stuff. Is it only me, or does every person feel that teachers are like "Do a lot and do it hard, motherfuckers gonna fail this"? Yeaaah.
So since I'm feeling the holiday flow and nobody really cares about what are we doing at school and even if were at it, I can come back to frequent blogging. As I have few posts ready, I decided to publish them chronologically, so what comes next is post about Lana's concert <3

And what's up today - as I told you few posts before, I'm a freak for comic and pop art prints. And this dress is made of material which reminds me more of a comfy hoodie than a dress. To make it less obvious than black tights, I chose the grey/blue tie dye ones, which came out to look great with mustard platforms.

When I went to took those pics, I had no idea that my legs will look like a piece of bridge. How cool is that?
And I remind you, this was some time ago, I can say that I would die if I would put this on like today :D

especially for G. :D

I was listening to Marina while taking those pics with my most patient photographer, me. 
And I found out that I like to be on my own, not all the time; but sometimes I need that.

All of us are in your face
And whisper "I'm in the wrong place"
Is there more to lose than gain
If I go on my own again?


black & blue

Wooooow. It was like the biggest break in blogging and the worst part is that I have no idea how it happened. Two weeks past by like "hey, what's up, we seem like few days". Anywho, another thing is that I have few posts prepared, so I can assume that I just didn't feel like blogging. And now I doooo.

So, about the look - based on two colors only, even if my colorful nature usually tells me to put on the rainbow, I got some stormy days and this was totally one of them. The tulle skirt is actually a dress which you will surely see in one of holiday posts. I matched the scarf from Literati Club that you saw few posts ago, but here it is styled in more my way - with bowler hat, glittery socks, see-through blue bag and my awesome love - a bracelet made from an old vinyl (thank you, Camden!)

I know an old lady who talks a lot,
but could teach you if you listen
I know people who believe in gods and demons
I know ones who think there’s nothing there at all

Wipe it off your sleeve, your superiority
Don’t roll your eyes my sweet

We’re just the same, we all get desperate sometimes
Feeling black and blue
I know you find it hard to accept it sometimes
We all feel black and we feel blue