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Hellou loves! I'm so happy about posting more often ^^ Here is the outfit I wore to Lana's concert witch I told you about in the previous post. I wanted something... Lana like, so a floral crown was a must (and I just have to say that it is my very own work :P), I matched it with a jeans and flowery dress, lilac vest and heavier shoes to   give this outfit a bit more of character. Also, I really wanted to wear those socks witch I bought few days earlier, and as I'm a total freak for socks I just couldn't let it go :D

And a bit of my fav trash talk right now - as I'm publicing looks that I wore some time ago, it isn't really accurate to the weather right now, and I would really like to ask summer what the hell is going on, because if one day I'm just dying and I just want to eat ice and take off my skin, today I was literally drowning while crossing underground passage; I mean, this damn water was above my ankles! And it was raining all the time, so after like 15 minutes my make-up made me look more like drag queen XD

In two days I've got the end of the school year, so honestly I'm kind of freaking out about all that goodbyes and stuff (I feel like I wrote it before, but can't find it; whatevs :P). I mean, some people go, some people stay, and I just feel like I just have to get the stuff done. Yeaaah.

Last thing - I guess that I'm lucky to write those words, because like an hour ago I just tripped over my notebook charger, it feel down and was like in some freakin' coma for some time and then it woke up. So I guess I can't do this again :D

I just love it, and the ways she sings it...

I drive fast, wind in my hair
I push it to the limits
‘Cause I just don’t care

You ask me where I've been
I've been everywhere
But I don’t wanna be 
Nowhere but here
(Come on tell me, boy)


  1. I really like the crown of flowers and your hair. Love the music, lana <3

    SHE WALKS Blog

  2. I love your outfit! You look like Lana Del Rey! :D
    Rougeberry Fashion

  3. love the look and ldr too <3 so jealous

  4. I literally could not love this outfit any more than I do, the head garland looks fantastic with your red hair and love how you've paired the socks with the boots! Your style is so unique, following you! :D xx

  5. i love your vest and haircrown! looking gorgeous <3<3

    Letters To Juliet

  6. kitten_lovergirlJuly 2, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    omgg the perfect look for such a concert! luv this!

  7. awesome psycho pics! :D


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