london video diary 01.05 - 04.05

Heeeeey folks. I don't know how is it at your country right now, but here it's like 10000 degrees (and I swear I'm not overreacting this time). So the best way to stay alive is to stay at home, with curtained windows and cold Coke. And this is the simple explanation to "Why don't I have any outfit posts right now". I mean, as I said earlier, it's not like the heat made me abandon fashion, heat made me stay in swimming suit or pajama the biggest part of time. And my camera has mood swings. Again.

But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. When I realised the amount of the spare time I've got right now, I reminded myself about something that I was supposed to do long time ago. Better late then ever, so today, ladies and gentelmen I present to you...
otherwise known as London Video Diary 01.05 - 04.05

Remember this photo diary from the same trip? Well, I was also filming everything around me, with camera hanging on the strap, to catch the everyday city. Everything in 10 minute video, I have to admit that choosing the right moments wasn't easy, but also *anti modest mode on* I think it turned out quite cool :D
 Bowie exhibition was the main part of my Londoning, and I guess that know you understand my choice of soundtrack ;)
Enjoy and let me know what do you think!

P.S. This is not really shaking now thanks to some yt options *thank you youtube*



Aaaaaand the second look from France. 
If I was a work of art, I would be a pop art. Like totally. Colors, brightness, plastic fantastic and blah blah blah talking rainbows lips omg.
You've already seen that stuff, but this time I decided to make a top from a dress, match it with my favourite skirt *everything what's cool in only one piece of clothing*, plastic wedges and some vivid accessories, like ducky necklace (<3), turquise hair bow and robot silver sunglasses. Even my nails were pop arty! 
I wore this outfit when we went to St.Tropez, although I took the pics in the same place what previous time. It was a perfect street to do it, one of those when there are no people staring at you questioning themselves and you what the fuck are you doing, but in the same time not of those places when no people mean omfg someone is going to kill me and no one is even going to notice. 
Balance, harmony and stuff. I liked that street.
I decided to make that photoshoot a bit more energetic, what means that I was jumping like a crazy around my axis, waving my hair everywhere :D Let me know what do you think! Love you! 

dress/top&sunnies - H&M
skirt - TkMaxx
bow&necklace - Claire's
shoes - Carry 

And the head said that you always were a queer one from the start
For careers you say you went to be remembered for your art
Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

Making life-size models of the Velvet Underground in clay


live or die

I'm leaving France tomorrow, so I'm posting the first holiday look :P I'm clicking on the keyboard to the sound of fireworks - as 14th of July is some french holiday - and I just had some deep philosophical thought. This is actually kinda sad, but fireworks are less exciting every time you see it. I mean, yeah, this is fun first time, second time, maybe even third, but after 7123190245 times it's like... oh, sweet, can I go now? And ok, there are so many things I do more often than watching fireworks, but people just do such a big deal from it. Sure, some shows are awesome, but I'm just... I don't know. Just not my cup of tea.

OK, so after a lenghty digression (huh, like it was ever a short one XD) let's go to the other subplots :D As I love to take pics by myself, no one is like "hey *click click* let's go" or "why do you need to take few pics of your shoes" and I can do it just like I want to. Of course I'm grateful for life to people who have time to do some shoots, but I am just more patient for myself :D And honestly, as I forget to buy a nice tripod, my camera had been in... places. Let's see a little scene from when I was taking those pics:

The Hard Life Of Canon

Episode 1

Me: Ok Camera, so I'm going to put you here, on this shaky, rusty railing. It shouldn't be a problem as long as I won't touch it.
Camera: You better be right, it's damn high up here.
Me: Chillout, it's going to be fineeeee. *sits on the stairs*
*click, click*
Me: Ok so let me check how it went out *catches the railing to stand up*
Me: Jeez, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I PROMISE I won't do this again.
Camera: I fucking hope so, bitch [it gets rude at times, but I can't blame it, I almost killed it]
Me: *sits on the stairs again*
*click, click*
Me: *catches the railing to stand up AGAIN*


So now you see how our relationship looks like! I feel like I'm going to write few more episodes :D
Maybe we should talk about the outfit, as this is a fashion blog. Even if I guess I won't sound professional when I'll tell you that I felt like a girly holo gangsta in this look, but belive me, I DID. 
Wearing the loose men's t-shirt, tied up on my back and this holo mini skirt - you should see in it full sunshine, it's like a disco ball. With grey sneakers and blue backpack it was really comfortable for an active holiday day, but as a fashion lover I just couldn't left it so raw. 
Chain, heart sunglasses and tacky bracelet with holy pics made me feel me while feeling super comfortable in the temperature of hell in the oven.
I think that the heat is trying to make all of us abandon fashion, but not on my watch!

t-shirt&skirt - thrifted
sneakers - Converse
backpack - Kokosina
chain - diy
sunnies - Giant Vintage
bracelet - india shop

Baby, I can't do it alone, 'cause you're the one that I wantYou can be my Tommy Mottola and I can be Mariah, tigerScream a little higher, I can get you high on love and desire

I sense Bonnie and Clyde was two kidsSo good at being bad, bad, badI'm flirting with the check-out counter, babyYou put the money in the bag

Are we gonna be true love suicide?It's either live or die, boyIt's either live or die



It was like really, really hot and there was one thing that I wanted to wear before the heat comes - those tights. But as it became like in 8th circle of hell in a while, when I heard that hey, there is that one colder day coming - omg I totally knew what I should do! So I paired them with a skirt that was on my wishlist for like forever, and I found it on sale for a half of price ^^ With my silver bowtie, docs with ribbons in the same color that the one on my hair - tadadadadadone. 

If I remember well, and I probably don't  - I told you once about that what I'm sharing with you is my daily style (and a bit of my life). And when I look at my blog, trying to not be me for a sec (you know what I mean I hope) it's like... ok now I have to make an animal reference with no reason - one time I'm a giraffe, one time a butterfly. Aaaaand now I wonder why someone is still reading this as my mental condition as syntax are clearly quite deplorable. I'M JUST A FREAKING CHAMELEON and even if my looks may seem really different it is still my very own mix-it-up style.

Have you guys ever had that thing, like, planning what you should say and do in that particular moment of your life, being like all super focused/stressed/whatever I got this and then YOU REALLY ARE in this situation and it's like "what to what to what to, maybe I should wait a second, or maybe not SHIT I'M NOT DOING IT I AM SO OUT"? what I'm saying is, sometimes I've got that plan, all perfect etc but it's like not going to work but I keep on doing that again and again XD

And this major reflections, my friends, was inspired by my very own life, Take That song which is the title of today's post (sometimes I have that very mood which I call the Take That one and their "Progress" disc is the only one I listen to in this mood) and that awesome gif. Deal with it, dance with me or whatever. 
Yeah I guess I should stop writing for today as it's becoming super hard to find any logic in what I'm saying. And if this is hard for myself, I feel sorry for you now XD OK STOP RIGHT THERE.

free your soul to me

Wait! There's something that I want to say
Something that we hid away
Something that I'd like to change
These words have never left a mouth
We never got to get it out
Communication not allowed
Somethings we don't talk about


raise me up (mississippi south)

This was done before holidays, and as I told you that I'll post them chronologically - I probably won't, I'm to chaotic to do that XD so I can say that I want to make the next one more holiday-y but we'll see :D
And even if I'm pretty sure that you won't like pay attention, I see my hand being in this one damn position, so let me just tell you that the pics were taken like one by one, in a row or whatever you call that XD

One of my favourites photoshoots last time. All by my-very-self. It reminds me somehow of Alice in Wonderland or something like that.
The star of this post, shiny glittery cherry on the highest top are the shoes.
No, really, I mean: THE SHOES.
So as I've been in love in Irregular Choice since like forever. You know, one of those typical crushes when all you do is sit behind a computer and be like "omgggg I want you so much baby". Yeah. And then I went to London with my aunt, and she was like "I have to take you to this shop, with quirky shoes which you'll surely love..." and I was like "No, wait, before that I have to take you to the other one, with shoes also..."
And it came out that we were talking about the same shop. When I came in there, it was like "omg I'm never leaving, give my some blanket and pillow; or you know what, screw the blanket, I won't sleep I'll just stare at    all this magic until I die"
So I guess you can imagine how excited I was after I was said that I can pick one pair as a present.
LIKE REALLY SICKLY EXCITED. After checking few pairs, I was clear: mint version of Cookie Club is meant to be with me.
Just look at it: tiny spoons with ice cream, fruits, chocolate, little cookies, transparent heel and all with awesome stripes. You can't go better.

And the rest of look :P My candy dress which I wanted to show you for a while, littlelittlelittle straw hat and Topshop socks I bought especially for those shoes :D
So let me know what you think, love you!

It's the voodoo, mississippi south
69 million stars
Birds are flying out of my mouth
Spirits creeping in my yard

Hold my head, it's tilting back
Something dancing me around

Putting crystals on my neck
Lifting my feet off the ground


sweet little sixteen

Ok, so those are not the pics from today. They're from like... two weeks ago? I don't know, whatevs :D
The point is, as you may already noticed the title, that's my 16th birthday today, and even if I never told you guys how old I am I thought that 16 is such a cool number. And I'm happy because that's like a second year when I can turn back and don't be like "how could I be such a stupid little shit". That's like so awesome.
So happy birthday to me, sweet little sixteen as it was said.

And about the outfit - that was one of my classic mix and matches, like put everything together - does it look  good? Does it look you? Hell yes it does, go for it :D So the striped dress which I quickly called "the shrimp dress", cause it's not like clear red, and with white it is just a shrimp turned into a piece of clothing. I wore holographic sneakers and turquise socks with little dots. As my cherry on the top, I chose some headwear - my handmade lace bow :D And what wasn't really meant to be there, but that was way to sun-shiny to forget about them - white eyecat glasses. So as I said, giant like... salad of random stuff paired on a purpose.

And as I'm on holidays in France right now, the post may be a bit chaotic and stuff, but I think you guys already got used to it :D
Love you!

Way out in St.Louis
Way down in New Orleans
All the cats wanna dance with
Sweet Little Sixteen