live or die

I'm leaving France tomorrow, so I'm posting the first holiday look :P I'm clicking on the keyboard to the sound of fireworks - as 14th of July is some french holiday - and I just had some deep philosophical thought. This is actually kinda sad, but fireworks are less exciting every time you see it. I mean, yeah, this is fun first time, second time, maybe even third, but after 7123190245 times it's like... oh, sweet, can I go now? And ok, there are so many things I do more often than watching fireworks, but people just do such a big deal from it. Sure, some shows are awesome, but I'm just... I don't know. Just not my cup of tea.

OK, so after a lenghty digression (huh, like it was ever a short one XD) let's go to the other subplots :D As I love to take pics by myself, no one is like "hey *click click* let's go" or "why do you need to take few pics of your shoes" and I can do it just like I want to. Of course I'm grateful for life to people who have time to do some shoots, but I am just more patient for myself :D And honestly, as I forget to buy a nice tripod, my camera had been in... places. Let's see a little scene from when I was taking those pics:

The Hard Life Of Canon

Episode 1

Me: Ok Camera, so I'm going to put you here, on this shaky, rusty railing. It shouldn't be a problem as long as I won't touch it.
Camera: You better be right, it's damn high up here.
Me: Chillout, it's going to be fineeeee. *sits on the stairs*
*click, click*
Me: Ok so let me check how it went out *catches the railing to stand up*
Me: Jeez, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I PROMISE I won't do this again.
Camera: I fucking hope so, bitch [it gets rude at times, but I can't blame it, I almost killed it]
Me: *sits on the stairs again*
*click, click*
Me: *catches the railing to stand up AGAIN*


So now you see how our relationship looks like! I feel like I'm going to write few more episodes :D
Maybe we should talk about the outfit, as this is a fashion blog. Even if I guess I won't sound professional when I'll tell you that I felt like a girly holo gangsta in this look, but belive me, I DID. 
Wearing the loose men's t-shirt, tied up on my back and this holo mini skirt - you should see in it full sunshine, it's like a disco ball. With grey sneakers and blue backpack it was really comfortable for an active holiday day, but as a fashion lover I just couldn't left it so raw. 
Chain, heart sunglasses and tacky bracelet with holy pics made me feel me while feeling super comfortable in the temperature of hell in the oven.
I think that the heat is trying to make all of us abandon fashion, but not on my watch!

t-shirt&skirt - thrifted
sneakers - Converse
backpack - Kokosina
chain - diy
sunnies - Giant Vintage
bracelet - india shop

Baby, I can't do it alone, 'cause you're the one that I wantYou can be my Tommy Mottola and I can be Mariah, tigerScream a little higher, I can get you high on love and desire

I sense Bonnie and Clyde was two kidsSo good at being bad, bad, badI'm flirting with the check-out counter, babyYou put the money in the bag

Are we gonna be true love suicide?It's either live or die, boyIt's either live or die


  1. You look super cool! I love the shiny skirt and sneakers :) Love, Anna

  2. cool look dear!1
    i love the tee and nice nail care!

    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  3. You're not cool, and your legs are not tall as hell at all! XD

  4. Great skirt!!


  5. Hello hun!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog.
    Cool look. Love your skirt!!
    BTW woudl you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? ;-)


  6. awesome backpack, love the color!

  7. Nice top! :)

    xx pauline

  8. such a nice look! very futuristic yet so chic! love your shades and skirt so much! :D


  9. Love your sunnies!

  10. nice tee and metalic skirt xx check out my blog if you want hehe

  11. You gave a grat style! Would you like follow each other?

  12. loving the back pack! you rock it! and the pink pops are so cute!


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