raise me up (mississippi south)

This was done before holidays, and as I told you that I'll post them chronologically - I probably won't, I'm to chaotic to do that XD so I can say that I want to make the next one more holiday-y but we'll see :D
And even if I'm pretty sure that you won't like pay attention, I see my hand being in this one damn position, so let me just tell you that the pics were taken like one by one, in a row or whatever you call that XD

One of my favourites photoshoots last time. All by my-very-self. It reminds me somehow of Alice in Wonderland or something like that.
The star of this post, shiny glittery cherry on the highest top are the shoes.
No, really, I mean: THE SHOES.
So as I've been in love in Irregular Choice since like forever. You know, one of those typical crushes when all you do is sit behind a computer and be like "omgggg I want you so much baby". Yeah. And then I went to London with my aunt, and she was like "I have to take you to this shop, with quirky shoes which you'll surely love..." and I was like "No, wait, before that I have to take you to the other one, with shoes also..."
And it came out that we were talking about the same shop. When I came in there, it was like "omg I'm never leaving, give my some blanket and pillow; or you know what, screw the blanket, I won't sleep I'll just stare at    all this magic until I die"
So I guess you can imagine how excited I was after I was said that I can pick one pair as a present.
LIKE REALLY SICKLY EXCITED. After checking few pairs, I was clear: mint version of Cookie Club is meant to be with me.
Just look at it: tiny spoons with ice cream, fruits, chocolate, little cookies, transparent heel and all with awesome stripes. You can't go better.

And the rest of look :P My candy dress which I wanted to show you for a while, littlelittlelittle straw hat and Topshop socks I bought especially for those shoes :D
So let me know what you think, love you!

It's the voodoo, mississippi south
69 million stars
Birds are flying out of my mouth
Spirits creeping in my yard

Hold my head, it's tilting back
Something dancing me around

Putting crystals on my neck
Lifting my feet off the ground


  1. beautiful shoes!

  2. Oh my gosh, those shoes are really... a treat!
    haha yes, I had to make that pun. ;)

    No but seriously, this entire outfit is darling. And dessert-like. And so sweet and cute and precious. You look awesome!

  3. omg this is all so cute x.X

  4. Such a cute, playful and whimsical look. You have found wonderful inspiration.

    xoxo Ra

  5. funky shoes!

  6. oh this shoes are so cute !! the perfect add to the sweet dress !

    XX Luba 

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  7. Cute shoes!! And lovely dress!
    Nice blog dear! I follow you on bloglovin, i hope you follow me back!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

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  9. That dress is just absolutely adorable!


  10. Amazone pics
    Bonne soirée
    Suz d orleans

  11. Marvellous pics
    Good evening
    Suz d'Orléans

  12. Love the dress!


  13. amazing shoes *__*


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