Layering oh sweet layering.
Last time I'm on a little detox from color; still love it but got kind of bored and really inspired by grunge and industrial aesthetics. When I found this gray tunic in one of my favourite thrift shops, I was sure that it'll look pretty awesome paired with some casual and crude stuff, like my bolt necklace. And this is how this creepy dark hippie outfit was born. Jeez, I'm getting better and better at those names. Nice XD
Anywho, the weather is getting more and more autumnal every day, and I have to admit that I really like it now #imsogonnadiewhenwintercomes
My hair is like a chameleon last time and I enjoy going from red to light ginger in like a week, it's harder to get bored XD
So let me know what do you think about that look (I just thought of that as an "onion" one, cause remeber from Shrek, and it is based on layering :D)

sweater&bag&tights - H&M
tunic - thrifted
shoes - Converse
necklace - DIY

Well I've found a new way
I found a new way
Come on, don't amuse me
I don’t need your sympathy

La, la la la la
I’ve found a new way
I’ve found a new way, baby

Am I Ulysses? Am I Ulysses?
No, but you are now, boy
So sinister, so sinister
But last night was wild
What’s the matter there, feeling kinda anxious?
Feeling that hot blood grow cold?

Yeah everyone, everybody knows it
Yeah everyone, everybody know it
Everybody knows I...


hardest of hearts

Ok, I admit that three effing weeks of not blogging wasn't what I planned, but as always - I can explain XD
Quick life update: right after the Coke Live Music Festival (which was SO supercalifragilisticexpialidocious OMG I'm so going to write about it as soon as I come back home) I went to mountains with my family and currently I'm in Warsaw with my best friend and we're bitching around the town mostly complaining how much better our city is (sorry capital, you just don't feel the flow, I mean, people, do you even laugh sometimes in random places or am I the only one in the world who can randomly start dancing in the street?). Holidays are going to be over in like 11 days and now, careful: I want to go to school. Really. Now. WTF.
It's like.. the very first time when I don't need more time to rest. Enough amount of free time. Just right.
So about the outfit - and yeah, I guess I will just describe it in the abstract way I usually do. Enough said, I felt very Helena Bonham Carter-ish and pirate-ish in the same time.
Enjoy and I promise I won't leave you for so long again! (for now XD)

jacket&skirt - thrifted
necklace - Lolita
choker - some random ribbon :D
shoes - ? manufactured in Spain
sunnies - H&M - stolen from that little bastard kid that I call a friend :D

There is love in your body but you can't get it out
It gets stuck in your head, won't come out of your mouth
Sticks to your tongue and it shows on your face that
The sweetest of words have the bitterest taste

Darling, how I loved you from the start, but you'll never know what a fool I've been
Darling, how I loved you from the start, but that's no excuse for the state I'm in

My heart swells like water at weight, can't stop myself before it's too late
Hold on to your heart, 'cause I'm coming to take it
Hold on to your heart, 'cause I'm coming to break it



After I lost all my hope to make it to the day in which I won't melt and my feet won't fix as a liquid with the ground, and then - the salvation day has come. Preceded by the night of storm and rain (this was the moment in which I realised that having the window right above my face when I lay on the back in my bed is SO COOL). Recently, while talking to my friend I defined the perfect weather as the one in which you can wear tights, but you don't have to, any no matter which option you'll choose you're not the freak who is more into your looks then matching yourself to what you see behind the window.
I'm the master in multi complex sentences, jeez. I also have this thing to lose the thread in the conversation.
Let me show you.
"Ok bitch, I have to tell you that I saw an amazing movie about mermaids; and btw don't you think that my hair color looks just like Ariel one?; I thought about doing something new with my hair, but I'm not quite sure, so I asked X about it and he said; oh my god do you know that he got a pet turtle? it's so adorable!; i once saw a turtle in the zoo, with a blue shell; have I ever told you how weird I feel about color blue? no? gimme a sec; what was a talking about?

The movie. You were talking about the movie. The mermaid one.
So thaaaat's how it usually looks. What was I talking about?

Maybe let's skip to the look. My very typical let's mix stuff together, put things on, take them on, put the others on and etc etc etc. But I just saw in my mind how cool will metallic bottle green look with raspberry glitter. Like it even sounds awesome. I matched it with my tight black mini dress, which really has the weirdest lenght but it's super strechy and I can tuck it however I want to, and my black leather oxfords. Plus the oldest pair of sunnies I own, the round black ones, from before my sunglasses obsession started.

When I don't have anything on my neck; and by anything I mean necklace I feel naked. If I don't have one it's weird. It happens, but rarely. Like when I have the dress with very special collar or something. But yeah, I necklaces are one of my biggest fixations. I actually counted them few days ago (necklaces, not fixations). Don't ask XD This time I chose a light feather one, in black and bright pink from AlternaFest.

I like those pics. They're ascetic in some way. They're pure.

P.S. My hair are living their own life, so don't mind the radical changes of color :D

dress&shirt/coat - thrifted
glitter tights - H&M
shoes - manufactured in Spain
snake ring: Orsay (I guess) moon ring: coyoco
sunnies: C&A
necklace: AlternaFest

If you could only see the beast you've made of me
I held it in but now it seems you've set it running free
Screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart
Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl

The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest
The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'ed ground