enter the ninja

Well this is a weird one.
"Come here, that is going to be cool"
"You know there is like no light in here?"
"Screw the light, it's the ambience bitch"

"It's like the low life that inspired me, you know?"

Aka the little story of shooting those pictures.
They seem some weird kind of murky trippy stuff, I can't really describe it. I feel like such a mess lately, I find myself both in the rainbow and black hole; I guess I can say I'm swinging. Funny thing, even though I had holidays now to go to school I just have to wake up just half of an hour earlier (so what I'm saying is that I was waking up like 6:30 AM for the last two months even if there was no reason to do it; high five logic!)
When we went to Warsaw I had few outfits in my mind, but the weather made me change my mind a bit. This dress is still waiting for it's pin up look, but I decided to wear it with black and a tribal necklace.
But I guess it's not really about the outfit this time, you know?

School is fun, you know? I mean everything looks just so cool now, we all know each other and there's like 300 new folks that are totally scared of the new and I can be like bitch please I own this town. Yeah, 3 funny years are ahead me I guess.

 Life is art, art is life

dress - thrifted
sweater - H&M
necklace - Stradivarius
shoes - ? manufactured in Spain

My style is UFO
Totally unknown
You can't fuck with my new Zef flow
I'm hard to miss
"You can't do this, you can't do that"
Yo, fuckin' who said so?
I do what I like
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
You can't fuck with the chosen one
I-I-I want the knife
I'm a Ninja

Ninja is hardcore
Been cut so deep, feel no pain

My blade swing free
Decapitate a hater with amazing ease
This is not a game, boy
Don't play with me
I work my light sabre like a wild fucking savage
from the dark side danger

Yin to the yang
Totally Hi-Tek Ninjas
Motherfucking big in Japan
I seen the future, but I never got nothing in my hand
Except a microphone, big dreams and a plan
Fly-talking, sky-walking
Like a ninja

Fuck, this is luck
The coolest song I ever heard in my whole life
Fuck all of you who said I wouldn't make it
Who said I was a loser
They said I was a no-one
They said I was a fuckin' psycho
But look at me now:
All up on the interweb
World-wide, 2009
Enter the ninja
Yolandi Visser
DJ Hi-Tek
Die fokken Antwoord



  2. Amazing necklace, love it!!


  3. Fantastic look and photos! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?

  4. You Look Amazing!!! I love your fringe necklace so much!!!

  5. i really enjoy browsing your photos! :) and your style always interests me! :D


  6. Love ur necklace!!!! Great look and pics :)

  7. love the b&w pics!

  8. love the necklace, love the artistic effect.

    stay in touch!

  9. cool photos, love your outfit and i totally agree about the light/ambience thing! though the light sometimes MAKES the ambience but ambience definitely comes before technique for me!
    also, reading what you wrote about school almost makes me want to go back to school, haha. xx

    beautiful garbage


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