future starts slow

Hey huns! Take this as a quick one, as it's getting kind of late and I should get some sleep :D
Having my legs in two different colors became one of my favs, and, just as with the suspenders, I can't tell why I haven't posted them any time earlier. This time I went with red and blue (and let me tell you, those are two pairs of tights magically tied together without any cutting and shit, so it's really fun :D) and combined the rest of the look with those colors+black. Bowler, checkered shirt (my friend's, I'm so not giving it back to her, muahahahahaaha) and glossy combat boots with ceramic and beaded necklace, tada.

You know, I find it kind of interesting that since I name posts with names of songs, and sometimes I post the look after like more than a week or so, I can change the songs that I'm currently obsessed with ("i love this one *plays it until she hates it*"). But, somehow (not always, but still) I "stay" in the mood of the song that I was listening to back then. And this is now; I mean, I love this one, but I'm not playing it over and over and over again like I was when those pics were taken. Jeez, does that even make any sense? XD

And after all God can keep my soul
England have my bones

But don't ever give me up
I could never get back up when the future starts so slow

No longing for the moonlight
No longing for the sun
No longer will I curse the bad I've done
If there's a time when your feelings gone, I wanna feel it

You can holler, you can wail
You can blow what's left of my right mind
You can swing, you can flail
You can blow what's left of my right mind
(I don't mind)


  1. I love the effect of different coloured tights. I really enjoy your posts.

    Karen x

  2. that thights dear ^^
    bizzarre but really cool
    happy day

    The simple life of rich people blog

  3. great look! love the collants! :) Make sure to check out my latest looks! :) one big kiss!


  4. Colour perfect, nothing more to add. Love it!! xx

  5. Very original with two different leg colors! Love your hat. And that song is killer... no pun intended.

    Thanks for paying me a visit :) xx

    I just follow you, really I like this blog!

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  7. in love with the shirt, been looking for a one like that since few weeks!

  8. love the plaid and stripes!
    xo Jessica
    stop by when ya get a chance

  9. Let's follow each other - i'm following you <3


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