the fallen

This just has to be one of my favourites posts. "Dobby" outfit with loose dress which was a biiiig t-shirt found in a thrift shop men's section with socks in the same color, burgundy combat boots, khaki jacket and some silver details. And as we took the pics in the morning I really like the lightening, haha :D Don't worry, it was quite a warm day what explains why I was able to take the jacket off for a couple of shots. But anywho, I feel that people are exaggerating a bit with all that dressing up with a tons of layers. I mean, it sure is colder, but c'mon, you don't need to pull all those scarfs, gloves, down jackets out of you're closet, I promise you that if you really want to do this, you sure will have that opportunity soon.
Whatcha think?

Some say you're trouble, boy
Just because you like to destroy
All the things that bring the idiots joy
Well, what's wrong with a little destruction?

And the Kunst won't talk to you
Because you kissed St Rollox Adieu
Because you robbed a supermarket or two
Well, who gives a damn about the prophets of Tesco?

Did I see you in a limousine
Flinging out the fish and the unleavened
Turn the rich into wine
Walk on the mean
For the fallen are the virtuous among us
Walk among us
Never judge us

Yeah we're all...

Up now and get 'em, boy
Up now and get 'em, boy
Drink to the devil and death at the doctors

Did I see you in a limousine
Flinging out the fish and the unleavened
Five thousand users fed today
As you feed us
Won't you lead us
To be blessed

So we stole and drank Champagne
On the seventh seal you said you never feel pain
"I never feel pain, won't you hit me again?"
"I need a bit of black and blue to be a rotation"


  1. Amazing outfit! Your jacket and shoes are absolutely gorgeous and the color of nails suits perfectly!

  2. where did u get those shoes? *_*

    1. jeez, forgot to label stuff again XD i bought them at H&M last year

    2. thx, so i guess i have to keep looking ;)

  3. you look so rad! I love the shirt dress and your boots!

    xo, Carla
    Little Miss Violet

  4. GREAT LOOK! Love the coat !
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you´re follow me & ill follow back :)

    Happy weekend !

  5. Lovely look! Lets follow each other? Kisses.

  6. So stylish! Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


  7. Hi
    I like so much your jacket!
    thanks for your comment in my blog dear!


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