holding on for life

Wow. Last day of November, where did those day go? My mood is swinging more than ever. Right now I feel kinda blue, what is I guess a contrast effect to my smiling without a reason few hours ago. Yeah.
Super casual look, dark - as I like it lately - with my another obsession #teamvelvetforeverbiatch
As I've been told (twice, by the same person, lalala) "90's" t-shirt which I paired with silver chain and wooden cross, dark grey cardigan, velour leggings and docs (ok I promise I'll try to be friends with other shoes again (maybe)) with orange socks.
And, as you may see on few pics, burgundy woolen cap with ears. Not mine, but I found it too cute to resist it, so as an effect we've got some so Hannah Montana gone bad pics.
I've got a terrible shitload of things to do. Maybe I'll just go to sleep.
Huh, I just starting typing "shitload" into google to find out Shit Load of Mashed Potatoes Day. Thank you, internet, what a time to be alive. No more for calling it "Thanksgiving"


leggings, ring - H&M
cardigan - Cubus
t-shirt - thrifted
necklaces - DIY
shoes - Dr. Martens

Ain't nobody calling
Ain't nobody home
What a lovely day to be lonely


ordinary love

 It came out a little darker than it was expected to, but I like the pics either way - they're kinda mysterious I guess :P My outfit was a black sweater, pinafore white dress (aka a sack of flour) with striped transparent leggings (you're so going to see it again, I love them!) with a champain necklace and docs (I'm so boring with those shoes and I'm going to be for at least two next posts XD)
I'm still thinking what to do with holiday posts, should I publish them (and cry about how warm and awesome it was one day) or save everyone from suffering caused with looking at bare legs and arms? (ok writing this sentence make me feel like I should post them, cover the windows and pretend I'm not freezing)
Let me know what you think and enjoy!

  dress - thrifted/DIY
leggings - thrifted
shoes - Dr Martens
necklace - DIY
sweater - H&M
The sea wants to kiss the golden shore
The sunlight warms your skin
All the beauty that's been lost before
Wants to find us again

I can't fight you anymore
It's you I'm fighting for
The sea throws rocks together
But time leaves us polished stones

We can't fall any further
If we can't feel ordinary love
We cannot reach any higher
If we can't deal with ordinary love

Are we tough enough for ordinary love?



Heyheyhey everybody!
My velour obsession is still so on. Crushed velvet or plain one, I'm going for it. This set is based exactly on it - the skirt, shirt and the blazer broken with kinda tapestry vest and bone choker. And if you wonder - yes, I'm wearing docs all the time and yes, I've got many others pairs of shoes but I just don't feel like them.
November is ending, the Christmas flow is starting, the lights are burning bright and the carols are drilling through my head. I feel like I like Christmas, but it's still a month, right? Won't we be sick of in after such a long time? Buisness is buisness, people are buying stuff, eating stuff, spending money on stuff even though it's more expensive cause it's 'time to buy gifts'. When it's about me, I'm pretty sure I'll add some fuel to the fire by buying cotton candy on that Christmas fair. They're just some things you can't refuse.

vest, shirt, skirt - thrifted
choker - flea market
shoes - Dr. Martens
rings - H&M, Orsay

It became one of my favs by Lana. God, what is she doing with her voice <3
Do I make you feel like Christmas time?
Put me in a party dress one time

Love me till I see the sunshine
Say you'll never leave me

Dance me all around the room
Dance me around the room
Keep out the stars, turn out the lights
This little world is yours tonight
Dance me all around the room
Say you'll never leave me

Say I make you feel like
Like you did, like you did when you were thirteen
Say I make you feel like
When you were the dirty heavy metal king
Say I make you feel alright, alright, alright