I've got a tons of quality pics to post. But I'd feel kinda unfair if I publish them right now when it seems like they have nothing to do with who I am at this very moment.
And today, my friends, I'm mad and unsure of my place in the universe.

i'm a driver, i'm a winner
things are gonna change, i can feel it

You can see your mind as a closed world, and therefore a illusion can be created in it almost without anything from the outside. You can choose to transform whatever you like to something different. You can make meaningless things important or you can play subjectively significant things down. And the thought evolve and it becomes so overwhelming it practically owns you; and then you can make the step and face the reality; compare it to what you've already have going on in your head.
A confirmation of what you thought is a great thing as you can live your life in an amazingly designed harmony.
A failure can make you want to develop. It's like a cold shower that is desired even despite it's roughness because it leads you to the real world that you can also modify; now, when you're done with your delusions.
You're free.
I'm free.

yo, cut it
you can't write if you can't relate


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