never let me go

I just looked at the calendar and I really can't belive it - Christmas, for sure? Like seriously? So yeah, it isn't a Christmas post but the first from a loooot of ones I need to post - so even though I may stay without a photographer for next two weeks as you know, family stuff everybody etc I gor a reserve. Like a squirrel.

So I tried to put on some colorful, bright outfit like in the good old days, matching a mustard with fuchsia (sounds yum! XD) What can I say - I like it, but my dark side is calling me. I think I'll have to create alter ego as my internet bestie (<3) told me to. This looks as a way to get in the control of my little own chaos... Huh. I'll have to write it all down.

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Mazel Tov
trick or treat
choose your wish!

shoes - Topshop
sweater - thrifted
skirt - Asos/charity in London
necklace - Bershka (I guess)

I was more into Lungs always, but lately I'm re-discovering Ceremonials (what reminds me to post something Flo related soon!)
And the arms of the ocean are carrying me,
And all this devotion was rushing out of me,
And the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me,
But the arms of the ocean delivered me.

Though the pressure's hard to take,
It's the only way I can escape,
It seems a heavy choice to make,
Now I am under.

And it's breaking over me,
A thousand miles down to the sea bed,
I found the place to rest my head.


  1. cudowna stylizacja
    sweter, spódnica i buty bardzo mi się podobają !

  2. nice pictures dear!

    look so comfy

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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     - Hannah's Heels

  3. HI babe, I wanna wish u a Merry Xmas! May it be a day full of love (and fashion)
    Nameless Fashion Blog
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  4. Wowowowow, so Richard-no-Richard likes Frozen? You should watch it, too.
    I hope your christmas food will be disgusting enough. C:

  5. nice skirt

  6. the color and textures work wonderfully together


  7. Amazing colors :)

    NEW POST...

  8. Gorgeous colour combination! I love these shades on you :)


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