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So I guess that's it for 2014. Should I do some summary or stuff? Share some resolutions or hatred towards the "new year, new me!" thing that everyone seems to be doing? I mean, it's nice to get things together and the date seems to be really motivating, but grabbing people's faces and practically screaming about how much better y'all gonna be till now is just. fucking. tiring.
But of course I've got some new ideas. They are more of a level up to what is going on right now, and I'm keeping them to myself. As I am the only judge and if I fail (won't do that lol) I really don't need a bunch of people being like "See? Told you. NOT happening."
What else to say? Thank you for being here (here as a metaphysical internet space where I do things), you keep on making my days. And you know what? If you feel like grabbing people's faces and talking about resolutions, go for it. Do whatever the hell you want. I don't make rules, we all do.
(except the rules here. I do make them, I own this place.)
Wish you all the best!

I'm coming out of my cage
And I’ve been doing just fine
Gotta, gotta be down
Because I want it all


Rose. Rabbit. Lie. - Vintage Nostalgia part 2 | drink up

So here comes the second, a bit more colorful part of my 20s party look, created for the vintage style challenge by Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort. 
This time I'd like to focus on the look - as big as my warderobe is, I haven't got exactly what a flapper would choose, so I decided to go with the stuff she'd probably wear after few critical glances and sighs. Straight dress without precisely marked waistline, many layers of pearls, fishnets, little rakish headpiece and heels that would make anyone dance all night long. I also decided to tuck my hair to get the boyish bob look. So my flapper alter ego ended up being free and insolently fab, with a cigarette resting in my hand and smoke flowing through my swinging soul. Enjoy!

pics by

shoes - H&M
coat - thrifted
necklace - I stole that from school christmas tree last year for fun, nobody say a word.
dress - ?


i think you should know you're his favourite worst nightmare

Everything always happens to change in the third part of December and that's a pretty odd. 
Like when sometimes you need to rearrange stuff in your room, my head does that shit without asking me but with a frighteningly precise timing. I'd think about it as accidental stuff, but I'm pretty sure that's the third year in a row. Maybe it's healthy,
And on the contrary to deep thoughts and philosophical bullshit by me, myself and I, I crawled into the yucca bush in my house, because why not.
Cheers, merry whatever!

D is for
Desperately trying to stimulate
What it was that was alright
Three quarters of an hour ago

The parallel universe perhaps could be the perfect scene


Rose. Rabbit. Lie. - Vintage Nostalgia part 1 | light up

I feel like space and time shouldn't obey so many rules; I'd love to change everything around me from 21th century to all the other ages and just go with the flow of the era. Think you already know I'm going somewhere with this idea - and you're right.
When I was invited to take part in a Vintage Style Challange organized by and asked to create a look for a  Rose. Rabbit. Lie. party in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas resort during the fabulous roaring 20's I was more than thrilled. Dressing up is cool, and with theme such as glamour as this one? I decided to give it a shot and here I present you the first part of my oldschool adventure, kept in black&white - I just had so many pics that I decided to divide them in two posts.
So in today's one we can see a nonchalant flapper, waiting for a party to start, showing off and puffing the smoke (cigarette holder is a must!). Of course we also had a crowd of backstage helpers aka the "can I get you a drink" handsome boys in suits. And I may have imagined that part but still, that'd would be fun.
Take a look and stay tuned, cause the story isn't over yet!