slumville sunrise

Black again.
I've always wanted a pair of metallic, silver oxfords, but with prices starting at 100$ there wasn't a lot to do with that desire. I was hanging with my friend and she was like hey, let's go and buy me a pair of shoes. So I said sure, but please, don't let me spend any money, cause I'm already pretty broke.
She didn't buy anything and I ended up with those. Brand new babes from Asos for about 30$. Thanks Obama.
Lately I also got this blouse from Chicnova, so I decided to pair it with tulle skirt (which is actually a dress but who cares) to make it less casual. It's pretty awesome really - the print is perfect since me and black are friends again and it's super cozy.
As I told you in previous outfit post, I'm into doing different hairstyles lately - my favs are the ones that still change something in my daily look but don't require a lot of time (braids, for example, can be really useful even the day after - I'll come back to it soon :P)
Monochrome with silver - that pretty much sums it up.

Caution: this may contain dark arts, being a vampire for a while and crawling into fountains. Do not continue if allergic to any of the above.

blouse - Chicnova (gifted)
shoes - vintage store/Asos
dress - H&M

I instantly fell in love with his music. And this short film is just amazing
so you want a box but you don't want a ring?
This place is just not for me,
I say it all the time,
My friends, they just ignore me,
Tell me never mind.


  1. All black is always good! Love your eye catching shoes!



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  2. Hello from Spain: great shoes .. Keep in touch

  3. Lovely post sweetie and thank u for coming by :)

  4. cute sweater, and that shoes looks so chic!

  5. Great shoes and the skirt adds a really cute detail :)

  6. ooh love your shoes!!! and i like the all black combo!

    xo, Carla

  7. I JUST FELL IN LOVE - WITH THOSE AMAZING SHOES!!! Oh my god! I love them so much!!!!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!! Would you like to follow for follow? :)
    Love, Lea

  8. the sweatshirt is $ick! <3

  9. Love that black and white shot against the brick. Very cool and very dramatic! You look like a neo-goth princess, and I promise that's a compliment. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! Hope you come back soon.

    xo Ashley


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