these stones will shout

2014. Or, as they say 2k14. New year new start resolutions and shit, blah blah blah. We all want to change things. Well, at least we can try. Good luck everybody.
Pictures were taken in December, and now I'm just so glad because it looks like my creativity and ideas came back to life being all like waaaasup girl how ya doin. Now better, really. Even though my mood is like a kaleidoscope, I can create things now and I can write and fulfill the shots I've got in my head and yes I missed it SO MUCH.
This one is black. This one is harsh. I see it that way. "Hey, what if I turn a skirt into a dress and this dress into another and then... oh well, I like that one. Yeah. I can rock it."

See you soon with new things (I hope, as my ideas are overwhelming and I even started a notebook to get it all together which is really a big step when you have one notebook for "school" (and you don't like write school stuff there anyway)
Jeez what a loggorhea. What a nice word by the way. Kind of.
Aaaand I need to shut up

sweater&ring - H&M
dress - H&M/not even mine I guess/DIY
shoes - Stradivarius
earrings - handicraft workshop

I feel compelled to just yell out for you 
To say the words that you can't bring out 
But I cannot do everything for you 
And if I don't then these stones will shout 
Yeah, if I don't then these stones will shout 
Well, if I don't then these stones will shout 

So if I were to just lay here silent 
And see if you would take control 
The stones below me and may be compiling 
And they would wrestle me, pester me, mess with me, just trying to free your soul 

Speak to me and don't speak softly 
Talk to me and let me know 
Grab hold of my shoulder and tell me 
Grab hold and do not let go 


  1. Gurl, you made some grammar mistakes.
    I'm not sure if I can stick with you anymore.

    The last one rocks.
    Dammit, all do.

    1. i was right hohohoho
      no mistakes

    2. Not really, because it still doesn't make sense. I won't give up on this one!

    3. after few days it still does make sense, i just talk more ghetto lately. and you do the same thing, GURL.

  2. I adore this outfit. That fabric is amazing. I love the shade of blue undertones. Really makes your hair stand out!

  3. I totally loving this outfit!
    nice post :)

    maybe we can follow each other on GFC if you want?
    Let me know and I fallow you back immediately :)

    Kisses ;*

  4. wow so nice and beautiful blog ! Do u wanna follow each other ? If yes follow me and let me know , i will follow u back as soon as it possible:*

  5. love your boots and ring!


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