let's get lost in your ferrari

I think I'm going to shoot this outfit one time, because it's not really visible here. Let's say it's not a point this time and focus on pics. Because when you find a empty parking lot in the middle of the city while wearing heels which were made for walking... well, the lightening isn't the most important thing ever.

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boys like you love me forever


she's only evil

It was cold.
Now we're back to such a lovely weather, but this was a one cold week and I obviously decided to ignore it. So after taking some pics really quickly hot chocolate was the best way to spend time.
Black one again (and I really don't see it coming to an end :P), with velour (and this dress is the first thing with puffy sleeves that I really like), wooden rosary and my favourite set - black socks and Docs.
I can't find right words today, so I guess that's it for now. See you soon and stay tuned (as I've got holiday time now and some shoots on the waaaay)

sweater - Calvin Klein Jeans
dress - thrifted
rosary - C&A
shoes - Dr Martens

Beyond the basement
There lives a girl there
She's got a face and a lot of hair
Respond to places
Remember they said
To watch your back but you don't care
She's only evil
We've dealt with much more
it's only logical to stare

Mistakes never feel forgotten
Shoot for the stars but you hit the garden
You reap what you sow, though you dug from the bottom
You dug up the past and you know it won't last

Up in the attic,
I pray for magic
It seems these wands will never cast
The rats have eaten
All of the poison
Like traps of rust all in my head
We're all just people
Dumb, dead, and evil
Foundations fall and always have

My body is my temple
Just try to be gentle
And I'll shelter you
I promised you
The X marks at the base of my chest
Come inside and I'll show you 
The rest of me
This house is sweet
Oh, it's bittersweet


insp #1

I've never done a post like this before, because they always seemed kind of "I've got nothing else, so I'll just post random shit from the intenet". But I've got a lot of pics I love and that are truly inspiring me.  So why not share them? Here comes part 1, not too much - I'm giving it a try.

P.S. I actually got an outfit post pending, so let's say it's coming soon.


heroes || hit that

I think I'm back to my "let's pretend I only own one pair of shoes and they're older than me" mode. Really. Tons of shoes and each morning I'm like hey, Docs, good to see you again. I'm thinking of getting a new pair, but I'm not really sure what kind do I want. Well.
So this is actually look from two weeks ago, aka "the outfit I was wearing when I slipped on the ice so bad everything was black for a while and my back still hurts". Or just simple kinda grunge look, 2xjeans, tartan shirt with hood and as I said, Docs (I SWEAR they look more dirty when we're taking the pics) But it's their right, the concerts they survived, the places they've been... like really. It's hard to belive they're still alive and well.

I'm so glad it's warm again. As those pics were taken inside, it's not that bad, but trust me - I went out that building and was looking for gloves for about what, half of a minute? And my hands were aching so bad, and I couldn't really use them - I was calling my friend and my phone almost fell on the ground cause I wasn't able to control what their moves :P I went out today wearing leggings, sweater and a light parka, the sun was shining - it's getting better and better and I really hope I won't see winter again.

Enjoy and see you soon <3

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skirt, shirt, jacket - thrifted
shoes - Dr Martens
ring - Orsay
so I was watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. and you can never go wrong with David, right? 
I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing,
nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, for ever and ever
Oh we can be Heroes,
just for one day
plus I'm so into Offspring lately
What was family 
Is now a shell 
We're raising kids now 
Who raise themselves 

Well it winds up 
Broken up 
Really such a shame 
But why not 
Take a chance 
Everything's a game 


dites-nous qui donne naissance aux irresponsables?

Quoi, qu'on y croit ou pas
Y aura bien un jour où on y croira plus
Un jour ou l'autre on sera tous papa
Et d'un jour à l'autre on aura disparu

Serons-nous détestables?
Serons-nous admirables?
Des géniteurs ou des génies?
Dites-nous qui donne naissance aux irresponsables?

Ah dites-nous qui, tient,
Tout le monde sait comment on fait les bébés
Mais personne sait comment on fait des papas

Monsieur Je-sais-tout en aurait hérité, c'est ça

Faut l'sucer d'son pouce ou quoi?
Dites-nous où c'est caché, ça doit
Faire au moins mille fois qu'on a, bouffé nos doigts


self esteem

You love 'em or you hate 'em.
Every single time I was in a thrift shop and I was heading to the shoes section, I swear my mind was a perfect place for Blondie to sing "One way or another".
I was truly convinced that one day I'll see a pair of classic Buffalo sneakers, size 38. I once read on some blog "If you'll be looking hard enough, you're gonna even find Buffalos"

Now picture this.
Ok, I still got some time before I go and pick up my friend before the concert. I guess I'll go to that shop...
Haha, look, those shoes look like Buffalos!
ok let me check a size before getting excited
now, how much are they, ma'am, I don't see a price
AFSAHDGFUSFUAASHJKJD I mean, I'll take them.

And this is how I bought my babies I wanted for a looot of time. For 1/40 of their original price. That's the deal, my friends. And they're awesome!

About the rest: finally a perfect pinafore dress, burgundy A&F shirt (they got the longest and thinnest sleeves ever <3) wooden cross and sheer black tights. I think that's it. Oh, and the perfect background. A little piece of an amazing place that I'm so going to visit again. It's pure art.

pics by
dress, shoes - thrifted
blouse - Abercrombie & Fitch
necklace - DIY
I know I'm being used, 
but that's okay man cause I like the abuse

Well I guess, I should stick up for myself,
but I really think it's better this way.
The more you suffer,
The more it shows you really care.
Right? Yeah!