bad habit

Here comes another weekend. Do you people realize it's a half of third month of this year? Where did my time go omg what actually happened here. Especially that I just decided to do things instead of just talking about how I'll do them so I guess that's a step. Some kind of it.
Simple black set, and I have to say that that dress/tunic (it's that kind of clothing you wear with a "just in case" skirt underneath but it's not visible) reminds me of a moon's texture way too much. So my moon ring was a must this time.I think since me and black got back together after a really long time (and this time I'm really concious about my style, earlier I was still kind of "my mum got me this so I wear it) made me find all the chances that it gives - the fabrics, details, shape, style... never ending story tbh.

See you soon (I guess it won't be THAT black for a while, so stay tuned!)

dress - thrifted
ring - Cocomo
shoes - Stradivarius
necklace - ?

Hey man you know I'm really okay 
The gun in my hand will tell you the same 

I guess I got a bad habit 
Of blowin' away 
Yeah I got a bad habit 
And it ain't goin' away

Something's odd 
I feel like I'm God 
You stupid dumb shit goddamn motherfucker 


  1. Great photos! :)
    Pozdrawiam :*

  2. great photos and by the way I love your hair!

  3. love the moon ring!

  4. Wow your hair looks amazing! Love the color :)

  5. love the tunic and boots



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