don't touch me please

So what's up for today? Yeah, you got it. Most likely black, but in order to make it special - transparent. Striped leggings and a t-shirt dress with an asymmetric chiffon trim is what makes it different from regular black top black bottom look. With two little pendants (and I like them so much, especially cause I've been looking for something like them for a lot of time and I bought them dirt cheap) and my immortal docs, tada.

It's finally getting warm, and there is only a month left till I'm going to Paris with my class, viva la vida. Only about a fuckload of test and I'm free.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

t-shirt dress: chicnova
leggings - thrifted
pendants - Glitter
shoes - Dr. Martens

Youtube won't let me place this vid here, but trust me. This is the funniest shit ever when you realise it's not a joke, they filmed it in a serious way. Oh just click the link.

plus here we go for some naughty MM cover
Don't touch me please
I cannot stand the way you tease


  1. what a cool pics <3
    want to follow each other via GFC?
    please let me know ;)

    1. and all of you people do realize that "I don't follow for follow" sign is there for a reason, right?

  2. you look so cool and funky!!!
    lovee the whole style =D
    be friend?

  3. Love it esp your hair! :) thanks for the comment!

    xx pauline

  4. love how the background matches with the overall vibe of your outfit! very cool.

  5. I 'm in love with your hair color dear :D

  6. I love your photos, love your background, and all of those effects :) * And I reallyyy love your hair! Have a nice trip to Paris ;) Would you like to follow each other?

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  7. Totally rocking this outfit! Love it:) <3


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