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I said less all black and Docs and hello, here I come. I think I can say I was a little tiny bit influenced by light pastel goth style. Lace top, which can be worn as a dress with a bodycon skirt what I'll sure do - this time under pastel lilac sweater with a big black cross. And patent combat boots. God, you see what I'm wearing, that part of post is closed now.

You know that feeling when the weather is getting better and better and you want to go outside, maybe arrange some picnic with your friend, ride a bike, go for a beer or a coke, whatever you like, go around the city, or just sit and look around with oh that allelujah look at our beautiful world?
(and as an off topic I'd like to say that my sense of humor is really hitting rock bottom as my ironic atheist allelujah isn't the worst thing I can came up with, trust me)
But instead of doing all those things, viving your vida and stuff (and now that's funny cause I can actually speak quite proper Spanish but instead... whatever, you get the point) I'm sitting, we all are sitting in stuffy classrooms, listening to people telling us things we don't really care about, but I have to sit there for at two more years, pass the exams even though it's obvious I'll  (we will?) forgot almost everything two days later, and just pretend I'm not falling asleep.
Don't get me wrong, I think education is a real deal. But after hours of thinking about it, I still can't understand why it looks the way it looks. There are great teachers that inspire me to do something more. There are subjects I love, but I have to look past a horrible person that haven't killed anyone just because that's not a thing you do to your students and yeah, like you can totally end up in jail. On the other side, you'd get a nice health care, and there would be no noisy rascals around you. Sounds good, doesn't it?

And I wrote that mostly because a memory of my last english class came to me. When there was sun outside, and I spent the whole hour looking at the map of both Americas and I felt like both crying about not being there instead, or just grabbing my bag (maybe knock over some tables, cause I'd like the drama) and go the airport, buy the cheapest fucking ticket and go out there.
Ever told you I talk a lot even when I'm writing? Probably yes. Oh, sometimes I also repeat things I've already said one day. Now you know.

pics by

top&sweater - thrifted
skirt - lefties
necklace - Glitter
boots - Stradivarius
All those men sing you'll never walk alone
But you'll never let them break your little heart


  1. Green pastelgoth kittensMarch 31, 2014 at 12:34 AM

    Nice photos!

    1. ok seriously how is your username the same as the name of the folder I had those pics in
      that freaked me out so damn hard, is someone standing behing my back or what the fuck is going on

  2. nice outfit, i like you hair colour!

  3. I really like the color of your shirt against your hair :)

    xx, rebecca


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