you just burn, kid

 You just burn, just keep it all on the inside.

I'm getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of people telling me what we are supposed to become, how we are should live our lifes and what we should achieve. You go to school, then another, another, another, another, you go to work and you're most likely doing something what you rather wouldn't.
Why should we belive people that are claiming that something is good or bad for you. Why would we go through life just trying to fit into the expectations. And you know, that's really quite obvious, but it takes a bit to just sit down and realize that you're so not getting another chance in this game. So I guess not fucking it up is the best we can do, isn't it?

you’re always gonna get your heart ripped out somewhere aren’t ya? 


  1. ugh, i totally agree with you on that regard, it's sickening how people always tell us what to do. but i guess that's how life really is... it all comes down to just doing the best that we can.

    hope you'll have a better day.


  2. The first and last one are kinda special, don't you think?
    And you've got a point, but I don't really agree.


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