postcards from paris

Aka a loooot of pics.
But to think I took like 650 of them and chose a bit over 30, in that case it is still a good score, right? Right?
So if anyone's up to looking at some vintage styled photos (couldn't help it!) of Paris, here you go.
What can I say. It seemed nice. But I guess I'd like it much better if I actually had some time to look around; as it was a school trip, it was mostly about visiting places from our checklist, taking pictures (I swear I felt like a worst type of tourist at times and I hated it SO much). Maybe next time I'll discover the spirit of this city, because it has to be somewhere. Some places just sweep you off your feet with their awesomeness visible from the first sight (Brussels, hello-o) while the others need you to grow into them a little bit.
Even though for now I still don't get phenomenon of Paris, I have to admit that it's still one pretty city.
In order to see more pics, just click read more under those few that appear on the main page.
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pics by me. except that one. this one's by yes.
I wanna be that fantasy that you got on your mind


  1. nice pics, lovely outfit
    please follow me
    im desperate

  2. these pictures are so magical. I really wanna go to paris someday!

  3. ZUZINKA <3
    love, węgier

  4. Whoa, that's a lot of photos indeed! :D Love them all! I wonder what that sculpture represents! It looks like some worm thingies :D

    1. I guess they're chili peppers :P

    2. I guess they're Vegetables by Patrick Laroche.

  5. These pics are a dream! I so wanna go back to Paris asap :D

  6. Wow! Beautiful photographs, I'd love to visit Paris!

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