the trick is to keep breathing

My socks are different lenght on those photos and this is really bothering that little part of me that definitely has OCD. Even though I live my life surrounded by artistic mess (at least I call it like that) I still got some random attacks of "no I am so not done yet it can be better".
Some retro pics today, with a dress that totally won my heart. It's bottle green. It's crushed velvet. It's both body concious and a bit flared. So basically a 21th century version of Scarlett O'Hara's one. And of course it's from a second hand. Here it is with silver leggings, black Dr Martens sandals and black floral crown.

When I'm looking at all those pics that are waiting in the line, thinking about the outfits I'd like to wear and those I already wore - my style is really random. I love it, it's much more fun that it would be to always choose the same way.

pics by

dress - thrifted
shoes - Dr Martens
floral crown - Glitter

She's not the kind of girl
Who likes to tell the world
About the way she feels about herself


  1. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing and beautiful! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  2. lovely photos and dress. really like the different textures with the dress and tights.

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  4. I love how the color of the dress contrasts with your hair! Love it!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  5. awesome psycho pics and gif! :D so jealous

  6. I love your sense of style!


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