meet me in the pale moonlight |part 1|

Looks like I kinda got the school stuff figured out at the moment, so I can go back to living my life without this constant *holy fuck I fucked everything up fuck fuck*. Nice.
So once again there are pictures and some are just different and I don't want to put them all together because they deserve they own place they deserve respect they deserve to be treated equally iiiiii'm losing it.
I'm sorry ma'am, but I have a dream.
''As we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.''
{chicago tribune}

Take care everyone and see you soon with part 2!
(Lana fandom hello do you hear me I said soon haha get it (it's coming you little bitch))

Oh my I'm such a mess lately.

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Fantasy about you's like a gold mine, gold mine
Asking everybody, is he mine, is he mine?


you gotta make it your own way

I feel so distracted I can't do literally anything right.

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/but even when i am blue i'm burning/

but you'll be alright now sugar


postcards from brussels//you're my wonderwall

So in a first place I have to admit I'm really angry with myself for ignoring the blog lately. Even though I have pics for few posts, I just was a) busy b) to tired and lazy to do anything because I knew it would come out like shit. And I don't really like when it happens. I'm also not sure if my writing wouldn't be way too chaotic, as I haven't slept all night. #rebelrebelpartyparty
But anywho, here I am with another post from my trip. What was the best place you visited in Paris?
Honestly. I mean, it looks like almost all the teachers hate us after they hear our answer. We spent there about 3 hours, and I haven't been so charmed with any city for a long, long time. Sometimes you go somewhere and it's nice. Just nice, pretty, kinda cool. And then you think - maybe I'm getting to old to be overly excited about places? That's how it looked with Paris. But Brussels really had my heart since the very first time I saw it. If everything goes as planned, maybe I'll revisit it this summer, what's just awesome.
We decided to do and see as much as possible when we were there. So, it included a wicked secondhand book&music shop, going through tiny streets, buying a dress in a some vintage place, eating a lot of fries (and I mean it, a lot) buying few beers to drink them while we're back home, going everywhere once again just to look, crying for a bit we'll have to dash in a second, and then, finally, when we had like 5 minutes to meet the rest of our group, just leaning against the wall appreciating that we can be there.
And this is the moment when this starts playing from a bar next to us.
And it was perfect.

P.S. Yeah, maaany pictures again, so click "read more" to see everything!


prends garde à ta langue | paris

This officially gets to be one of my favourite posts.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to present one of the outfits I wore in Paris (and the only one we were actually able to shoot). As the whole trip was really kept in the "hurry up! we're going to be late for everything; in fact we're already late and you have to make it even worse, congrats on that" mood, the free time given us was a blessing. And now imagine being in the centre of the city, with 40 minutes, tired. as. fuck. with a mission to took some cool pics. At first I was like hey, there must be some little cute streets, like the ones I saw yesterday. After 15 minutes it hit me: no way. This is a middle of one of the biggest European cities. So it's the time to stop being awkwardly anxious and ignore the people around. They don't give a shit about random girl posing on the street.
Oh wait. Those actually do #whatnow
But after little panic breakdown I got myself together and here is the result. I even went to that little asian shop/cafe thing in order to buy coke. Because well, coke is good and I'd felt weird sitting there without ordering anything.

I'd like two cokes please, one regular and one zero.
Coca... one? (uses fingers to express the number)
Oh yeah, english is so on, thank you Asian lady.

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dress - H&M
shirt - thrifted
sunnies - Mango
shoes - Dr Martens
Hey sale fripon, prends garde à ta langue
Je suis le chat qui te la mangera
A ce jeu là tu n'y gagneras pas
Un jour ou l'autre, on récolte le bâton


bad girls

Sometimes I need while to pick and edit photos, and sometimes I look at them for few weeks, change lightning, maybe a bit of colors... no no no. That isn't how I want them to look *closes computer and procrastinates loudly* But I guess they're ok now, so here is an extremely comfy set, just a tunic over a t-shirt dress, slip on converse and a chain (on my chest, check out today's song and everything will be clear).

What else. I don't really know. I don't really feel like writing today, cause I can't focus at all. Oh well, I guess I'll make myself a tea or something and read a book slash watch some series. Anyone's got something to recommend? I'd love to go and do things with people and visit places, just like I did yesterday, but the weather has a bit of a fucked up sense of humor. Ugh.

sometimes I just listen to music like this trying not be ashamed like hey, I'm doing it just to laugh!
i do right
it's fun anyway

live fast die young