fell in love with a girl

My holiday time breakdown is so over. Actually, right now I'm all excited about two next months, I've never had more plans and everything starts two days from now aka we're going to rock one of the biggest music festivals in Poland and the city is our for five days. I'm probably going to brag about it for a lot of time, but... Jack. Fucking. White.
Really, this event is full of bands and solo artists I love. But I think everyone has few people that they've been always dreaming to see live. On stage. Performing just for you, and not on some kick ass gig in States.

Posting this outfit seems kind of weird when my head is full of 1) what clothes can I cover with mud while living in a tent 2) pin up style, I think that's my choice for this summer, at least for a while. I've bought so many cute as a button lace socks and giant hair bows lately there is no turning back.

And this thing today is as simple as it can be, my most basic choice, this time with velour combat boots, flip up glasses (not that up this time) and a little cross necklace. And as you may notice, my hair was a bit of red rainbow at that time, accidentally, but I actually liked it.


boots&top - H&M
skirt - lefties

well, I didn't, but I definitely fell for Jack
Red hair with a curl 
mellow roll for the flavor 
and the eyes for peeping 

come with me now

I need to move, I need to fight
I need to lose myself tonight
Confused what I thought with something I felt
Confuse what I feel with something that's real
I tried to sell my soul last night
Funny, he wouldn't even take a bite


two doors down

Two things.
First, I lost my voice. And that really sucks for me, because I simply like to talk. And I do that a lot. So when I'm only able to whisper during breaks from coughing, honestly, that is fucking horrible.
The other one - holiday start in two days. Two days. I'm so not ready for that. I mean, of course I'm super excited about all the awesome things coming my way, and there are a lot - but they were made to wait for them and now they're right on the corner preparing to jump on my face screaming and I may or may not have a little breakdown about this. The whole idea of things happening out of nowhere; I guess the school year was kind of a coma, I'm about to wake up and I need to find a way to make it on an even keel.

To be continued.

Edit about an hour later: So I started looking through my blog and I reached that point in the past when I started screaming (or I would if it wasn't for that Ursula bitch taking voices from cool redheads), closed the tab and I felt the need to share yet another irrelevant tragedy. Someone please get me a drink.
Sincerely, your mentally unstable loving author.

"what's up?"
It's driving me crazy 
I can't take it anymore


something new

So this is the third attempt of getting this post done.
Because I fell asleep when I tried to do it the last time. And the other one. As I went to Orange Warsaw Festival to see few bands, even though it was mostly about Florence and the Machine tbh (and Lily Allen) I really haven't got any spare time to post - I tried before my departure and then again few hours ago - no bloody way. You know, I had my computer on my pillow, so I just had to put it a little bit further... and here I am. I think I'm going to make one post about this music festival, cause it was so awesome. Like really, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. And still I can't wash all of the glitter of my face even it was two days ago already.
Forgot about all that outfit fashion things, forgive me. I'm pretty sure I wore this some time ago, like a month or more, but whatever, it's the most princess shining version of me I guess. With sequined&tulle dress, beady headband, glittery fuchsia tights, cristal heart necklace and Irregular Choice heels which are the cherry on the top it can't get any sweeter. Is this even a world, huh. Let's say it is now.
Just look at them. They have goddamn spoons with ice cream covered with all that, you know, ice cream stuff. I think it's perfectly fine to say they look yummy. As hell.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

dress&tights - H&M
headband - Stradivarius
shoes - Irregular Choice

Hey let me show you what I want to roll to,
If you kick it old school I can be your something new,
I can be your something new


technicolor yawn

pics by

You can tell me to go away
you can make your heart stop loving 
but you will never forget
I won't start crawling

Coffee and cigarette
long way down
It can't change, I bet
in technicolor yawn

I betrayed with music and art
we were trying to fend
I didn't realize when it started
high time now, it ends

Coffee and cigarette
long way down
It can't change, I bet
in technicolor yawn


no rest for the wicked

Just a simple quick one today, all black - lace top, black skirt, heels and silver jewelry.
The thing is, on the day I was wearing that outfit there was a fucking Armageddon I swear. I was wearing snekers for like a week earlier, and the most comfortable stuff aka Do I really look like I care about that day? But then I was like ok, enough, high fashion time, maybe if I stop that over casual thing I had going on I'll be more ready to take on a day.
And I have to admit that oh boy, it was a Day. I had like the most important exam in the whole year, and after I gave it back I was 100% sure I failed it (I didn't, so can I have a round of applause?) but I felt like shit because of this and we decided that shooting today isn't the best idea ever. Though after a while I was quite up to doing just a few pics. And so we did. Then I came back to school to meet up with my friends and we went outside for a while and it was a mistake. I haven't seen such a downpour in my life. And I saw a lot. Thunderbolts were causing random heart attacks and the streets were literally flowing. Underground passages looked like some refugee camp with all those people gathered together. So somehow made it back to school looking like we just took a shower, I found some clothes in our locker and changed (what was nice for a while before I came out thinking it's over and after a sec it was raining like crazy again).
So just when you look at those few pics you can imagine me running in high heels all like "holy fucking fuck i'm so done i'm so done". But it was fun actually.

pics by
skirt - lefties
top - thrifted

can't wait to see her live 
My one heart hurt another
So only one life can't be enough
Can you give me just another 
For that one who got away

Lonely I, I'm so alone now

There'll be no rest for the wicked
There's no song for the choir
There's no hope for the weary
If you let them win without a fight


meet me in the pale moonlight |part 2|

Here comes the extension of the previous post, you know, with colors and all that stuff that makes an outfit fully visible. So basically a colorful and retro outfit, with a lace shirt which I bought in a thrift store last summer and haven't worn it since, what a late debut. Burgundy dress with kind of baroque print, peacock earring and turquise tights which made it less classic plus black heels and my cherry-on-the-very top - the brooch. When I was at Paris I barely had some free time to just walk around, not to talk about sifting through the stores - like no way. But as I am a master in time managment (ok now I CAN HEAR YOU snorting at me, shut it!) I actually got myself three clothing-related things. And this cute as button pin is one of them. There was this tiny shop with an Asian lady who was an artist creating all this stuff. And that's how I spent a part of my money, as I decided that buying unique pieces that I won't find anywhere else is the best thing to do in that case. #totallyworthit.
I guess I'm off to sleep and listening to music. I still can't decide if falling asleep after 1 or 2 songs is a good thing, I mean while the whole artistic world is suffering from insomnia I'm happily dreaming lying in comfortable sheets. I kinda envy them that possibility of being awake and able to wonder about mysteries of life all night long and write sad poems about it. Unless they're tacky. And they often are, sadly.
But on the other hand, I can do all those things OR sleep. So I have a choice. Yeah, that's cool. I'm good.

P.S. My computer had a mental breakdown before a while and I was almost 100% sure that this post is gone. And here I'd like to thank the auto savings and print screens. You're the best, guys.
P.S. 2 They made me go to that school sports thing tomorrow and to actually participate aka we don't know what we're doing halp what am I supposed to go omg haha look I can't do a simple thing yeah how hilarious am I course I did it on purpose what do you think I'm retarded or smth
I mean, I like sports. But I somehow avoided that event for 3 past years so I'm a bit unhappy that idea. I can assume it's not a big deal and I'm just casually overdrawing things as usual. K, no more trash talk.

Not quite yet, but I'm gonna get, get 'im
Not quite yet, but I'm gonna get, get 'im