fell in love with a girl

My holiday time breakdown is so over. Actually, right now I'm all excited about two next months, I've never had more plans and everything starts two days from now aka we're going to rock one of the biggest music festivals in Poland and the city is our for five days. I'm probably going to brag about it for a lot of time, but... Jack. Fucking. White.
Really, this event is full of bands and solo artists I love. But I think everyone has few people that they've been always dreaming to see live. On stage. Performing just for you, and not on some kick ass gig in States.

Posting this outfit seems kind of weird when my head is full of 1) what clothes can I cover with mud while living in a tent 2) pin up style, I think that's my choice for this summer, at least for a while. I've bought so many cute as a button lace socks and giant hair bows lately there is no turning back.

And this thing today is as simple as it can be, my most basic choice, this time with velour combat boots, flip up glasses (not that up this time) and a little cross necklace. And as you may notice, my hair was a bit of red rainbow at that time, accidentally, but I actually liked it.


boots&top - H&M
skirt - lefties

well, I didn't, but I definitely fell for Jack
Red hair with a curl 
mellow roll for the flavor 
and the eyes for peeping 


  1. Great look!

  2. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing sunnies! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  3. You look so lovely in this look. It's great to hear that you're excited about Summer and it truly sounds like you will have fabulous Summer. Great plans.

    xoxo Ra


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