meet me in the pale moonlight |part 2|

Here comes the extension of the previous post, you know, with colors and all that stuff that makes an outfit fully visible. So basically a colorful and retro outfit, with a lace shirt which I bought in a thrift store last summer and haven't worn it since, what a late debut. Burgundy dress with kind of baroque print, peacock earring and turquise tights which made it less classic plus black heels and my cherry-on-the-very top - the brooch. When I was at Paris I barely had some free time to just walk around, not to talk about sifting through the stores - like no way. But as I am a master in time managment (ok now I CAN HEAR YOU snorting at me, shut it!) I actually got myself three clothing-related things. And this cute as button pin is one of them. There was this tiny shop with an Asian lady who was an artist creating all this stuff. And that's how I spent a part of my money, as I decided that buying unique pieces that I won't find anywhere else is the best thing to do in that case. #totallyworthit.
I guess I'm off to sleep and listening to music. I still can't decide if falling asleep after 1 or 2 songs is a good thing, I mean while the whole artistic world is suffering from insomnia I'm happily dreaming lying in comfortable sheets. I kinda envy them that possibility of being awake and able to wonder about mysteries of life all night long and write sad poems about it. Unless they're tacky. And they often are, sadly.
But on the other hand, I can do all those things OR sleep. So I have a choice. Yeah, that's cool. I'm good.

P.S. My computer had a mental breakdown before a while and I was almost 100% sure that this post is gone. And here I'd like to thank the auto savings and print screens. You're the best, guys.
P.S. 2 They made me go to that school sports thing tomorrow and to actually participate aka we don't know what we're doing halp what am I supposed to go omg haha look I can't do a simple thing yeah how hilarious am I course I did it on purpose what do you think I'm retarded or smth
I mean, I like sports. But I somehow avoided that event for 3 past years so I'm a bit unhappy that idea. I can assume it's not a big deal and I'm just casually overdrawing things as usual. K, no more trash talk.

Not quite yet, but I'm gonna get, get 'im
Not quite yet, but I'm gonna get, get 'im


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