two doors down

Two things.
First, I lost my voice. And that really sucks for me, because I simply like to talk. And I do that a lot. So when I'm only able to whisper during breaks from coughing, honestly, that is fucking horrible.
The other one - holiday start in two days. Two days. I'm so not ready for that. I mean, of course I'm super excited about all the awesome things coming my way, and there are a lot - but they were made to wait for them and now they're right on the corner preparing to jump on my face screaming and I may or may not have a little breakdown about this. The whole idea of things happening out of nowhere; I guess the school year was kind of a coma, I'm about to wake up and I need to find a way to make it on an even keel.

To be continued.

Edit about an hour later: So I started looking through my blog and I reached that point in the past when I started screaming (or I would if it wasn't for that Ursula bitch taking voices from cool redheads), closed the tab and I felt the need to share yet another irrelevant tragedy. Someone please get me a drink.
Sincerely, your mentally unstable loving author.

"what's up?"
It's driving me crazy 
I can't take it anymore


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