All black and white. And semi transparent I guess, well, glasses are kind of iridescent but it takes more sunshine to make it visible on pics. Anyway, I came back from Open'er festival two days ago and I'm mostly into dying because of the concerts I saw and the fact that they're already over and enjoying my bed, which is far more comfortable after spending nights in a tent.
I kind of appreciate not waking up in a sauna after falling asleep in a freezer. I'm not saying it wasn't cool. It was special. As special as eating bread with random stuff "lol look what we found behind the pillow". Another thing I had to admit, I love dressing up, I even love looking like a total freak at times, but oh my fucking god, a camping is not a catwalk. And a crowd by the stage also isn't the best place to care about your shoes/hair/makeup/whatever more than about you know, like music or something.
I think I feel like writing a random post about things and events that happened, because man, it's kind of awesome lately. I'm having random attacks of "ohmygodthatwasthebestever" pretty often.

So take a look, enjoy and stay tuned!

sweater&trousers - thrifted
shoes - vintage store
ring - coyoco
necklace - House?

saw them live. god. it's one of things to talk about soon.
Acting right is so routine
Fever, let me live a dream
Fever got me guilty
Just go ahead and kill me


  1. Such a gorgeous look! Love your hair!

  2. Those were some real shitty pics and u managed

  3. thanks for commenting on my blog. it led me to yours of course. you are quite artsy! i admire that and love that. totally following :)


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