push it real (kids with guns)

Drinking out
Demon souls 
Street desire 
Didn't mean to
But it won't be long 

they're mesmerized

Drinking out 
Sinking soul 
There you are 
Doesn't make side to 
But it won't be long 


fluorescent adolescent | brussels

So that's like a first version of this post; what I'm saying is that we took other pics in the same outfit because I thought it would be fun. And my inner picture OCD embodiment just won't let me post together pictures that are totally different. At least not this time.
This wasn't even meant to be like AN outfit. It was hot and I was running around Brussels for the whole day like a rabbit on acid and I guess that was the day I was looking for something, I realised I got lost so I just sat there and was SO happy because of it. Like, when I'm travelling getting lost is the best thing that can happen. Actually, I think people kinda hate it at times; let's say we're in a hurry, going places, to do important things, they're just so stressed about it going all "omg we're going to die here we're not going to make it" and then I am probably laughing my ass off and having a hilarious time.
Nothing special to say about my look because it's as casual as I get (still, city casual. those holidays were sometimes also pretty "no i don't care if that is wet or if it was under this bag of chips i can wear it as long at it doesn't smell bad" casual). Right. So I bought myself a pair of black, flatform sandals some time ago, on the beginning of summer I guess, because the point was getting a pair which is kind of heavy looking. Really, when you're trying to get spring/autumn shoe (I personally ignore the winter ones because they usually suck as well) it's like okay, we've got tons of pretty shoes. Spend money on us. And then when you want to put something on your legs in summer, you're most likely getting few straps attached to a thin sole. I found myslef hating those thing without a reason. They're just not as statement as I want a shoe to be.
What else we got there, Maneki-neko printed top and the thing I'll probably wear for 1/3 of my life aka the black skirt and that is aaaaaall.
yo yo yo see you guys

pics by
(altough, I should mention that it took me a while to convince her that yes, she took those pictures and then another while to remind her where it were we on that day. "it must have been dark there")

top&shoes - H&M
skirt - lefties
sunnies - House

That Bloody Mary's lacking in Tabasco
Remember when you used to be a rascal?



chic-a cherry cola lime | brussels

Inspired by pin up style, I created this outfit, and inspired by my love for coke and how awesome this can looked I ended up with too much pics with a straw in my mouth. Whatever, you get the idea.
It was such a lovely day, we had a chance to visit Berlaymont and I'd never think I'll like it that much. And then you know, sunshine, ice cream, elder people racing in their wheelchairs and stuff. Fun. Ducks. Little ducks. Casually getting lost in african quarter. Me even more casually ignoring the fact that we got lost assuming that my lack of reaction will lead to my friend agreeing with me that it doesn't really matter what time do we get home or do we get home at all. It didn't work. But hey, the plan was all right.
Back to the look: dotted navy dress with a collar paired with pink lace socks (they're more bright irl, I just like that effect on pics XD), docs, big striped bow and eyeball clips. I can say I'm quite satisfied with my pin up style attempt, I'm also sure it's not the last time.

P.S. I'm actually preparing this post in a middle of the night, because tomorrow (today? fuck.) morning I'm leaving to Norway, so probably I'll publish while I'll hopefully find some wifi somewhere. In Germany. Or Denmark. Norway. #chaos #omfg
(Yup, it's Norway. Kvisvik to be precise; right now I'm chilling by the Atlantic Ocean. Can't complain tbh)

pics by

dress - thrifted
socks - F&F
shoes - Dr Martens
clips - india shop
You like your little baby like you like your drinks, cool

We could get high in Miami, dance the night away
People never die in Miami, that's what they all say
You believe me, don't you baby?