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Inspired by pin up style, I created this outfit, and inspired by my love for coke and how awesome this can looked I ended up with too much pics with a straw in my mouth. Whatever, you get the idea.
It was such a lovely day, we had a chance to visit Berlaymont and I'd never think I'll like it that much. And then you know, sunshine, ice cream, elder people racing in their wheelchairs and stuff. Fun. Ducks. Little ducks. Casually getting lost in african quarter. Me even more casually ignoring the fact that we got lost assuming that my lack of reaction will lead to my friend agreeing with me that it doesn't really matter what time do we get home or do we get home at all. It didn't work. But hey, the plan was all right.
Back to the look: dotted navy dress with a collar paired with pink lace socks (they're more bright irl, I just like that effect on pics XD), docs, big striped bow and eyeball clips. I can say I'm quite satisfied with my pin up style attempt, I'm also sure it's not the last time.

P.S. I'm actually preparing this post in a middle of the night, because tomorrow (today? fuck.) morning I'm leaving to Norway, so probably I'll publish while I'll hopefully find some wifi somewhere. In Germany. Or Denmark. Norway. #chaos #omfg
(Yup, it's Norway. Kvisvik to be precise; right now I'm chilling by the Atlantic Ocean. Can't complain tbh)

pics by

dress - thrifted
socks - F&F
shoes - Dr Martens
clips - india shop
You like your little baby like you like your drinks, cool

We could get high in Miami, dance the night away
People never die in Miami, that's what they all say
You believe me, don't you baby?


  1. super love! I love your shoes with laces on your white socks! <3

    sweet and sugars,

  2. Hi there, dear! Love this outfit and the way it's still cute while combined with dr Martens. You look really comfortable wearing this style :). Cheers!

  3. adorable! i've been into the pin up look this summer. i never really thought i could pull it off, but all you need is confidence and you pull of anything! great post! i must admit, the eyeball earrings caught me off guard as i was scrolling down. lol :)

  4. you look amazing! really love your outfit and your hair is gorgeous!
    anyway, i have an on-going blog giveaway and i would be happy if you could join:

  5. I love how pretty your dress is :) those cakes look super yummy too! x | Giveaway

  6. I love your hair (and that outfit!)

    Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating


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