oh yeah, by the way

Now when I look at it, I'm pretty sure my hatred towards black was caused by my ignorance. While focusing on colors, I forgot about textures, shapes, print and all those options I have to make it different somehow. What can I say, our dark romance is doing well and here we got a black&gold duet. Half of the outfit are actually summer souvenirs - vintage boots from Brussels and ornamental leggings I found in some little thrift shop while waiting for another night of concerts on Open'er festival. Good ol' days.
I'm also slowly getting to the point in which I admit that my will to go back to school was totally stupid and I regret it. Lately I was like "I don't like this class, neither that one - oh, here goes the worst thing eva" and I just suddenly realized that the thing is I'm really bored at school. Philosophy is the only class that haven't got me pissed off even once past last four years. But apart from that - I'm going into Lily Allen's Sheezus mode in school pretty often.
"I'm switching off, no longer listening" I don't really mean to, you know. It just kinda happens.

pics by

kick it twice in the eye

And if you only knew just how I took my time
I'm going to take it off, I am going to make you
I gotta dance, gotta dance
gotta seem all right
I'm going to see it all, I am going to stay to
I'm want to take it down, and make it go away
And if you see my soul, I'm going make you
I going see, I gotta see, gotta be ok


blue blood blues

I only got one face da da da da
All you had to do was ask 
Who is it that wears the mask? 
When you give me the task 
Leave me broke and shirtless 
Check your lips at the door woman 
Shake your hips like battleships 

 Yeah, all the white girls trip when I sing at Sunday service


kill the director

This is the most holiday outift I was wearing this year. End of summer, trying to catch last rays of sun; yeah, it's still pretty sunny at times but those days when I leave home wearing a sweater and jacket and then walk around carrying everything don't count.
 3 weeks really can make a difference, right?
So as I was saying, it came out really colorful and print mixing. I feel like going back in time, when wearing black was a big no-no for me and now it's pretty normal, duh.
 On Wednesdays we wear pink more like I wear every style and color whenever the hell I want.(Watch out, we've got a rebel up here)
And that was also the day I got my ear pierced and my swag-o-meter went up like bat shit crazy. Along with the orange pinafore skirt, mirror sunnies, docs which are probably going to be my heritage as I really don't feel like buying a new pair even though I should and a top I got myself in Brussels while trying not to get killed by some cars. Yeah, why would we care about traffic lights, crosswalks in the middle of some giant square? That's not random, lol.

skirt - River Island
top - Pull&Bear
sunnies&necklace - Stradivarius
shoes - Dr Martens

If this is a rom-com
 Kill the director please


like smoke

I'm through with you after I crushso is that humorous enough?
Like smoke, I hang around in the unbalance


3's & 7's

The weekend's over and I'm so exhausted, getting up at 5:40am on Sundays might not be really the best thing ever if you ask me. But #yougottaworkbitch.
I don't think I've got much to say actually, my dress looks like caramel and I've got some dark stuff on too and I just deleted half of what I wrote as it was complete bullshit.
Shouldn't energy drinks provide some energy or stuff? Like I'm not a scientist but it'd seem pretty legit. No surprise tbh, caffeine have never been visibly effective on me. 
So one night I drank 5 cups of coffee to see what happens next, turns out I went straight to bed and just woke up at 2am feeling like a squirrel on acid all like "whaddupwhaddupwhaddup" with my heart beating crazy fast and after 5 minutes I was asleep again. In case you wondered.
Night baes <3

Lie, lie to my face 
Tell me it ain't nothing 
That's what I wanna hear
If ignorance is bliss 
Then I'm in heaven now