3's & 7's

The weekend's over and I'm so exhausted, getting up at 5:40am on Sundays might not be really the best thing ever if you ask me. But #yougottaworkbitch.
I don't think I've got much to say actually, my dress looks like caramel and I've got some dark stuff on too and I just deleted half of what I wrote as it was complete bullshit.
Shouldn't energy drinks provide some energy or stuff? Like I'm not a scientist but it'd seem pretty legit. No surprise tbh, caffeine have never been visibly effective on me. 
So one night I drank 5 cups of coffee to see what happens next, turns out I went straight to bed and just woke up at 2am feeling like a squirrel on acid all like "whaddupwhaddupwhaddup" with my heart beating crazy fast and after 5 minutes I was asleep again. In case you wondered.
Night baes <3

Lie, lie to my face 
Tell me it ain't nothing 
That's what I wanna hear
If ignorance is bliss 
Then I'm in heaven now


  1. great look!gorgeous colours


  2. The blurb is so funny, I feel the same after little sleep and long shifts at work.
    This dress is gorgoeus on you and your hair is amazing. || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

  3. such a pretty collar!


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